The Unknown

What is it really for?
I simply didn't get it.
Demon wars, human wars, civil wars. They only cover everything up as if it had something to do with the world.
It was just simply death.
My war was different.
It's a shadow apocalypse between a group of humans that possess a gift. A gift to search for a key.
Something that'll stop this shadow war from becoming known.


4. Demons Inside Of Me? [Part 2]

I didn't know what to do with dad's body on the floor. I knelt down by it, mourning for hours. No one called. No one bothered knocking in. I was just starting to realize that the Glass family was just another outcast of this small town in Ohio. 

I remembered I liked being an outcast. 

You wouldn't get in crap like murdering parties. An outcast is a simple, peaceful life. 

That was when until my brother walked in, with his fiancee. Jason looked at me as if I was the killer. His fiancee, Emmy, her hands were covered over her cherry red mouth- with no facial expression on her face. 

But we were all thinking it. 

We were all thinking that I was the killer. I quickly backed away from the body, and walked around the dark brown vintage oak table to try and at least explain what happened about dad to Jason. He seemed much calmer, but he was still in shock. 

I hated that the fact he had been calm. 

I hated the fact that he seemed to not care about dad's dead body in the family living room. 

I hated the fact that he might know something. 

        'Emmy, please, excuse us?' Jason suggested quietly and smoothly. Emmy snapped her gaze on to his soothing dark brown eyes. 

After a moment of awkward silence, Emmy nodded slowly and walked out of the family room towards the kitchen. 

I didn't look at Jason. But he looked at me in away that I wasn't the same person in my body anymore. 

Shut up damn brain!

I kept screaming it in my head. My nerves began to heat up again as if it was fire. 

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