The Unknown

What is it really for?
I simply didn't get it.
Demon wars, human wars, civil wars. They only cover everything up as if it had something to do with the world.
It was just simply death.
My war was different.
It's a shadow apocalypse between a group of humans that possess a gift. A gift to search for a key.
Something that'll stop this shadow war from becoming known.


8. - Dark Dreaming - [INTRO]

The Unknown – Dark Dreaming –

Dad started off as someone I trusted. Someone who wouldn’t lie to me, he’d tell me everything I wanted to know.

“Is the globe really a cube?” I’d ask on every birthday.

He’d shake his head, nodding his head slowly, his heart would beat with his motion.

“The globe a cube? Ha-ha! Are you serious, love?” He’d laugh demonically.

The room would spin round and round, the sound of a new born baby screaming echoes throughout the room. The wallpaper curling down towards the ugly looking carpet, and finally peeling away the skin of those sleeping within. A flash of bright light bursts through the window, breaking our eyeballs. I felt the cracks in my eyeballs, and the veins inside of me boiling up red blood.

After the flash, the bright horrible flash, I’d see the yellow eyed fiend. Not knowing that the room we were in, it had become a hospital. Our own rooms had become someone’s worst nightmares… hospital beds, corpses sitting on top of each other. And the pressure of the two eyes beading at me. I had no choice, I had to make a run for it. No escape! Thousands of hands, dark red hands grabbed me and strapped me to a chair. Strapped in place, unable to move, and failing to breathe properly. The two eyes would cease me.

“Ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha-ha!” My father’s laughter would echo in the room.

Glass containers rattled on the surface, making the sound of glass colliding with each other. The sound of glass cracking interrupted my breathing. I couldn’t breathe for much longer! The air was becoming less and less polluted with oxygen. The sharp stare coming from the two bulging eyes, I couldn’t see the room properly. Dark shadows dusting off the death beds, and the sound of a woman talking in her sleep continued. Cracked glass continued to break away, with every breath I had taken, the more glass shattered. Millions of shards resting beside my feet, and the sound of my father screaming loudly kept me in fear. I couldn’t resist, I needed to take the sleeping pills. The pills just sitting by my left hip.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha!” Demonic laughter continued.

“…Sweet baby… close your eyes, remember our lullabies… we’re together again, sleeping with our restless heads…” I sung to myself.

My father’s demonic laughter rattled my brain, interrupting my lyrics. I sung with a little more confidence, trying to hold the sleeping pills steady. The sound of a new born baby screaming, cried even louder. The sharp stares from the two bulging eyes pushed me further to walking out of the room. Forced to stay still, forced to take the pills for relief. I had no choice… it was me or my father… he’d die, he’d die if it weren’t for me… my lullaby became more aggressive, bringing my dark thoughts to the surface.

“…Sweet b-baby… c-close your eyes… remember our lullabies… we’re together again… sleeping with o-our restless h-heads…” I cried into my hands.


A voice interrupted my singing, and forced me to cry louder for it all to end. The demonic voice became a memory locked in my mind. I tried to wriggle out of the strapped in ropes around me, but couldn’t. As I stopped singing, the sleeping pills kept fading in and out from my line of sight. A dark shadow approached me with long hair… looked like a female, she had the breasts…

“Close your eyes… rest your head… come back to bed. C-come back to bed…” she whispered.

The whispering also became a memory stuck in my mind. Trapped in my memory bank.

As the sleeping pills came back in my mind, I visualised them being dunked into red liquid. With two bulging eyes watching over me, as I stirred the two mixtures together.

*** Awake ***

After the nightmare occurred, it finally ended with the pills still stuck in my mind. I remember what the text was on the pills, it felt so real… I approached the bedroom window, looking out to see if everything looked normal on the outside. The night sky was still out, and the bulging eyes reminded me of the moon. Always watching you throughout the many nights. Before finally sleeping, letting the dim light get you.

“C-come to bed… C-come to bed…” the voice continued.

I heard the whispering again, sometimes the words didn’t sound right. Ending with a slight pause, stuttering over some of the final letters. I walked in fear towards the bedroom door, as I reached the bedroom door, I felt the temperature drop below freezing. My mind visualised something watching me, with the curtains still undrawn, I caught glimpse of two bulging eyes come out further from their eye sockets. The bedroom mirror reflected my fear back to the visions I were having. The whispering ended as I put my hand against the bedroom door. I bit my bottom lip, and knocked once expecting a reply.

*Knock* *Knock* - No answer…

*Knock* Knock* - the whispering repeated.

“C-come to bed… rest your h-head… C-come to bed…”

I noticed a different melody in between one of the two sentences. ‘Rest your head…’ it sounds like my mother’s words. She used to sing to me, even when night-time hadn’t begun. My father would crush her lullabies with his loud music, as it stomped towards me like a raging bull.

With my hands shaking violently, I couldn’t control myself. My left hand latched onto the door handle, I slowly stepped back, opening the door to reveal just a crack of light. The bedroom mirror faded away from me, as I moved towards the corner of the door. The whispering became a little louder, turning into actual humming sounds. As I opened the door wider, I got the feeling of being watched from behind.

The sound of someone knocking came from behind me. *Knock* *Knock* I flinched in fear, holding my left hand up in the air, trying to trace some warmth from the freezing cold temperature in the house. No sound of father snoring, or even mother talking in her sleep. The two bulging eyes closed in my mind, throwing my eyes to focus on the wall in front of me. Feeling light headed, I moved further towards the stairway.

“C-come to bed… Rest your head… C-come to bed… You’ll be better off…”

My mind thought of another rhyme for the word ‘head.’ I tried to focus on words that sounded happy. Until my light headed mind dozed off, knocking my brain side to side. Feeling rattled and strange, the word came out of my mouth. I spoke it in a violent whisper: “Dead…” I shook from the horrible word.

Death? Is that what this all is? I cried into my hands. The sound of several knocks continued behind me.

As I stepped slowly down the stairway, I could hear several voices calling my name. It was coming from the kitchen, I feared the worst and moved towards the kitchen. Afraid of ghosts, or anything unusual to kill me. I stepped into the kitchen, feeling the slime from slug’s in-between my toes. The fridge door creaked open, and closed slowly. The kitchen light went off in a small explosion, resulting in shards of glass spreading throughout the kitchen floor. I hid behind the kitchen table, scared to make any more movement.

“C-come to bed... Rest your head… C-come to bed… You’ll be better off… Dead. Go to sleep… watch the world… watch it close down before you… and you’ll see…” the whispering interrupted my fear.

I lifted my head up, holding it high and stared at the kitchen table. The sound of the kitchen clock ticking by startled me. My mind kept telling me, ‘I’m under pressure’. The whispering and humming threw me off track. I clung to the kitchen table’s cloth. My mind couldn’t take any more of the same lyrics… I begged for this madness to end, instead… it just got worse… I ended up pulling the kitchen cloth off the table.

With the kitchen cloth wrapped around my head, I blocked out the sound of the voices. The cloth over my ears, forcing most of the sound to go away. I screamed whilst gasping for air… my panting became heavier and my lungs felt tied together. Them both being squeezed to the sound of my mother’s voice.

The new born baby cried even more, screaming my name in a toddler’s voice.

I blacked out, afraid of the world around me. My eyes closed, removing all the imagery around me.

*** 3-4 Hours Later… ***

“Oh… sweet daughter?” Father’s voice rang my ear drums.

“Is my baby okay? Is my baby okay?!” Mother’s voice interrupted my father’s voice.

“I-I h-had a bad dream…” I sobbed.

The room kept spinning around me, seeing my parents faces rotate around me on an axis.

“Do you remember what happened?” A man in a white coat whispered.

“I remember… death. It was the main word… they said so themselves!” I screamed in agony.

“Oh dear… my baby!” My mother faded away from me.

The sound of sirens alerted my empty head, making me become self-aware. The knocking had stopped, but the new born baby crying continued…

“Death, you say? – What did he look like?” The Doctor asked.

“…I don’t know… I d-don’t remember! Mom, Dad! PLEASE!” I cried louder.

“You may feel a slight prick. Just relax, you’ll be fine…” the doctor’s face faded away from me.

*** 1 Day Later ***

“S-S-sister… you’ll find yourself eventually… our parents, they told me their stories. You didn’t see the baby right?”

“What? – W-where am I?” I whispered.

“Conscious… you didn’t make it… and your father, our father… he-“

“Where is he? W-where is my father?!” I screamed.

“Our father…” the baby crying continued.

All my favourite faces mixed together, bringing new nightmares to the surface.

Hideous figures, disjointed bones and mangled up corpses all staring at me in a hospital bed.


Written By: Luke J.R

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