The Unknown

What is it really for?
I simply didn't get it.
Demon wars, human wars, civil wars. They only cover everything up as if it had something to do with the world.
It was just simply death.
My war was different.
It's a shadow apocalypse between a group of humans that possess a gift. A gift to search for a key.
Something that'll stop this shadow war from becoming known.


1. Prologue


What is it really meant to resemble? Love, hate, jealousy? All it really is death. It'll always be death no matter how you cover it up as. I've lost everything so far. But I've managed to keep Bella alive. My girlfriend, and the only thing that's keeping me alive. 

        There is a shadow war between a group of humans, and a whole army of supernatural demons and spirits. We just need to figure a way to close the gate from hell. 

It's not as simple as you think. Death is easy and peaceful. Or though they say. The group of humans aren't exactly humans either. Each of us possess a gift. Some will say it's a devils gift, because of the bad powers they possess. My gift is to see the future. Not the actual future, signals and warnings of when something bad is going to happen. This war won't end so easy either.  

No war ever does... 


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