My OCs

kay, so this is just going to be a place where i post my OC's (psst, original characters!) for books and rps, so they're more descriptive. Sooooooo....... that's it



1. Kaycee Madeline Moore

This is my OC kaycee madeline greene, from my newest story dear diary.


age: 14

appearence: Wavy just below her shoulder ash brown hair with honey amber highlights and chustnut lowlights. She's pale with rosy cheeks and amazon green eyes. She has a small nose and long curved lashes. She's 5'5" fit frame, banana figure. Absinthe gree pixie wings that sparkle, long legs.

Personality: Shy, easily startled, but curious, feirce, loves company, very intelligent, learns quickly, a little sassy sometimes, has a sarcastic streak

extra: She loves nature, insects and all, She gets along with most people, her diary is her life, she loves writing


so this is my first character!



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