My OCs

kay, so this is just going to be a place where i post my OC's (psst, original characters!) for books and rps, so they're more descriptive. Sooooooo....... that's it



2. Feather Flametree

Feather flametree, another OC


Age: 14

appearence: shoulder length vivid red hair with beach blonde streaks. Fair skin, skinny, pear figure. Golden yellow eyes, long lashes. Flame orange butterfly like wings with fire red edges, swirling design.

Peronality: Always happy, unbearably perky, glass-half-full kind of girl, adventurous, always loves to help, kind and friendly, bubbly, loud

extra: has control over fire, can create fire, can make things out of fire, is immune to fire, water is her weakness



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