Poems for all ages(almost)


1. beauty in the grave

On seeing an ancient picture of a beautiful lady.

How loudly rang her ready praise

In her ancestral hall,

How beauteous at the levee, once,

How graceful at the ball:

It matters not--that fair one now,

The idol of the brave,

The pageant of a former hour,

Is Beauty in the Grave.

How much admired for sparkling wit

And prized for virtues true;

How by the multitude esteemed,

Beloved by the few,

It matters not--alike the same

To him, as is the slave,

The sordid worm holds banqueting

On Beauty in the Grave.

The well-proportioned shape, the grace

Of woman's queenly tread,

The speaking eye, the budding lip,

Of nature's dewy red;

The thousand witcheries that still

Our warmest homage crave,

What are they in Death's arms, and what

Is Beauty in the Grave?

Go ye to whom are faultless forms

And lovely features given,

To manifest that still below

Is something left of heaven;

Go! in humility forget

The charms ye cannot save;

Look hence a little hour and see

Your Beauty in the Grave.

And look upon the laughing earth,

Where spring in careless play

Puts forth its fairest blossoms, but

To deck them with decay.

And look upon the face of all

That's beautiful and brave,

On every blessing lent to man

Are traces of the Grave.

Yet gaze on one from whom that trace

May never pass away,

Though he corruption never saw

Nor in its realm could stay:

And see in the immortal scars

That may the sinner save,

The victory of him who came

In beauty from the Grave.

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