The secret portal of Jessica Whistler

Jessica Whistler is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary family in a big old castle in a silly old village. When one day she found a secret hall in the library which leads to a secret chamber. In that chamber Jessica finds extraordinary things and with that a portal. Everyday she goes to the secret chamber and everyday she wants to stay even more. Can she trust her family with this century old secret? Or does she need to hide it from the people she thinks are just ordinary?


3. The next morning

I woke up very early on Saturday morning. I changed my clothes, brushed my teeth, put some make-up on and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. I found a note from my mum saying that she and dad were going to visit my aunt in Manchester, so they would be gone for the day. It was perfect. After I finished my breakfast I went through the portal I went through yesterday. Very carefully I went through the castle outside and searched Captain Hook until I found him at a river near a ship. "Hello stranger." he greeted me. "Hello" I said a bit nervous. He obviously noticed it, because the next time he opened his mouth he said seriously "So from which world are you? You wear strange clothes, act different than the people here and definitely look much better." "Thanks, it's nice to hear that" I said responding to the compliment he gave me at the last part in his sentence. "But I don't know which world you mean." After I said that I felt my phone buzzing. "Just great" I thought. But I can't ignore it. What if it is one of my parents? So I checked and indeed, it was my dad. "Hi dad, what's up?" I looked at Hook and he just stared very confused at my phone. "Aunt Tracey is very sick, so your mom and I will stay with her for the week. Are you going to be all right on your own? If you want to we can ask the neighbours to keep an eye on you." "That's okay. I'll be fine, thanks. Tell aunt Tracey to get well soon for me, okay?" "Yes princess, I will." "Bye, dad." "Bye, princess." I hang up. "I guess I know from what world you are." Hook said. "But I still can't seem to understand how you got here. As far as I know the only way to travel worlds is with magic beans, but they don't grow there." "There is another way. Portals, but in my world no one thinks they exist." "I see. But if we want to go on adventures we have to do something about your clothing." He continued while dragging me with him to a small house. The woman in that house helped me change my clothes to a nice dress she picked out for me. After that she did my hair and I was speechless when I saw myself in the mirror that was standing in that very same room. My mediaeval dress was in beautiful red and my figure looked very good in it. The red colour of the dress stood perfectly with my pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips. Even Hook was speechless when he saw it. "Time to go on an adventure" He said. We went to his ship and when he was steering the wheel I asked "What was your name before you lost your hand?" For a moment he had a tear in his eye when he said "Killian Jones" "Can I call you Killian, then?" I asked careful. "Yes, you can. It's nice to hear someone say my name after all this time. Most people call me Hook, because that's all they see. A man with a hook instead of two hands." I felt bad for him, but I didn't let him notice it. He's not the bad guy and it's sad that in the books they make him one.

We sailed passed a few caves, when I saw some mermaids. "Killian, can we stop to look at them and perhaps talk with them?" "Sure, but I've got to warn you. They might persuade you to stay with them and turn into a mermaid too, if you aren't one already." I laughed and said "That would be awesome, but they can't persuade me. Eventually I have to get home and that's not going to happen if I have a huge tail." Now he laughed too. We talked to the mermaids for a while and then we left them. It was the beginning of a huge series of adventures. During the adventures I liked him more and more and I could feel him liking me more too. Before I knew it,  it was the end of the week and with pain in my chest I left him to go home. I actually cried as I walked through the portal, but dried my tears when I was in the library. Although I love him and like to be with him to go on adventures and travel, I can't let my parents notice any of it. It completely torn me apart and if someone let me choose, I would spend the rest of my life with Killian.

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