The secret portal of Jessica Whistler

Jessica Whistler is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary family in a big old castle in a silly old village. When one day she found a secret hall in the library which leads to a secret chamber. In that chamber Jessica finds extraordinary things and with that a portal. Everyday she goes to the secret chamber and everyday she wants to stay even more. Can she trust her family with this century old secret? Or does she need to hide it from the people she thinks are just ordinary?


1. In the library

"Which book shall I take?" I thought. I was in our huge library on a Friday afternoon and I was bored stiff. Our library was nothing more and nothing less than a huge room in our castle with very high, dark wooden bookcases filled with all kinds of books from the ground to the ceiling. A few stairs were build in, which could move so you could get any book you like. You could sit at the table or desk to read. Or you could take your book and snuggle in a chair in front of the fire place (In the library also stood a table or desk with a chair and a fire place).

I walked past by the books when I saw a book that caught my attention. I was curious, so I got the book, but as I got the book a hidden door in one of the bookcases opened. I quickly put the book back into place, so no one would see the hidden door. And just before the door closed I managed to go through it. The hidden hall led to a room that wasn't very big, at first. When I looked closer I could see a very mysterious room, filled with all sorts of things. And as I walked by I discovered some kind of portal. "Well, that was strange." I was scared at first, but then I went through the portal and suddenly I was in some kind of space like the Milky Way with a lot of other portals. I went through the first one I saw. Somehow I was back in the castle, but not in the library. I was in the tower looking over something I vaguely recognized when it hit me. When I went through the second portal I didn't came back in our castle, but in some kind of parallel one. It was pretty, though.

"Shoot!" I thought. Someone's coming, where can I hide? Quickly! I was looking around and found a perfect spot. "No, no, no, no, no!" a woman shouted to a strange looking man. The woman had pretty black hair and was wearing a long dark dress. She looked a bit like an evil queen. The man, with his long black hair and captain clothes on, looked like captain Hook. "Why did you let her go?! She was the key to find Belle, since they are best friends." "I couldn't help it! She was so pretty and sad." captain hook said. "Great, now I don't have anything to use on Rumpelstiltskin." The evil queen said. I stumbled causing to make a sound and revealed my hiding place. I heard footsteps coming towards me and just when I thought I was going to be found, the foot steps walked further away from me. "Nope, nothing."  Captain Hook said with his lovely accent. "Next time, don't even bother coming over." The evil queen said and with that I saw her walking away. When she was gone captain Hook said "You can come out now. Go on, reveal yourself." I sighed and came out. It was like he didn't expect me, but someone else. It was obvious to tell, he looked surprised. "Expect someone else?" I asked. "Who are you and how did you get here?" He asked me. I doubted. What would he do if I told him? But more importantly where would he go to and who would he tell? I decided to tell him my name. "Jessica Whistler" I responded. "And I should probably go now." I said when I realized I couldn't stay here. I need to find the portal to go back to the secret room and then to the library before anyone notices I'm gone. "Where are you going?" Captain Hook asked me. "Somewhere you'd never go to." I said while turning my back to him. I followed my intuition and went to another room. I found the portal, got back home and quickly grabbed a book I've already read a thousand times.

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