The secret portal of Jessica Whistler

Jessica Whistler is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary family in a big old castle in a silly old village. When one day she found a secret hall in the library which leads to a secret chamber. In that chamber Jessica finds extraordinary things and with that a portal. Everyday she goes to the secret chamber and everyday she wants to stay even more. Can she trust her family with this century old secret? Or does she need to hide it from the people she thinks are just ordinary?


4. Acting weird

"Hi mom, dad." I said while they came out of the car. "Hi, honey" My mom said. "Hi princess" My dad said before giving me a kiss on the cheek. I saw my mom giving my dad some kind of look. Why were they acting so weird lately? Do they know about the portal? Hmmm, strange. After a while, when we sat in the living room, my mom said that we needed to talk. "Yeah, sure. What's up?" I said. "We want to know if anything...strange happened lately." My dad said. "No, I believe not." I said with my guard up. "We know you found the secret room and the portal! So what did you see?!" My dad suddenly yelled at me. "And don't act like you don't know." I didn't say anything. I was shocked, really. My dad looked so angry and it seemed like he wanted to hit me. I quickly ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. I also locked both doors from my bathroom, so that my dad couldn't go through the bathroom to my bedroom. He knocked on my door very loudly while yelling to open it. I just kept quiet and after a while he gave up. I heard him going down the stairs and I sighted in relief. Than I heard a little knock. "Honey, can I please come in?" It was my mom. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should open the door for her or not. I sighted again and opened the door for her. She came in quickly and I locked the door behind her. "Come, sit next to me." she said. She didn't sound angry at all. I sat down. "There's something you should know." She began. "All the stories your grandfather told you were or are real. As you might know the castle is very old. Centuries to be exact. After the castle was build, your ancestors hid something in the secret room. Hundreds of ancient books along with a portal. Your ancestors had the ability to travel through time and space, but the portals itself were only a guideline, a help. Only a few had the ability to travel through time and space and with that to use the portals. And only a handful of those people were the protectors of it. The gift was only given by the female line and you, my darling, are one of the protectors. Just like I was before I married your father. When I married him I had no idea that he wanted to use my gift and I was punished for it. The travelling was the best thing I could imagine and after I couldn't do that anymore, I was really sad. I want you to be as happy as I was back in the days and use your gift for all the good in the world. If you wanted to stay there I would miss you, but also be happy for you. I would let you go if you wanted me to. But there's something about it that you must know. Every magic has it's price. Remember that and you'll be fine."

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