19 year old Alexis is being torn apart by her boyfriend. He lies to her cheats on her and every time she catches him, she forgives and forgets, but not this time. Heart broken, tired of apologies, and decision to be made, she moves to Ireland and meets One Direction star, Niall Horan, they become best friends and her parents did in a car crash. Niall and Alexis' best friend Cassidy, being the only ones there for Alexis. Niall soon leaving her for tour, but what can happen during this short amount of time Niall is gone? Does Cassidy's signature game of triple dog threaten Alexis' life? What happens when the other 5 friends of Cassidy's join and all decide to give poor Alexis' torched soul a life threatening dare? Does Alexis live through this dare, or will Niall say good bye to his best friend? "How does the game work?" I heard my voice ringing through my ears. "Well let's just say, we need your one direction buddies to play too. We will need them." Cassidy's friend Jennie said evilly with an innocent look in her face, but she is innocent in no possible way. I looked at Niall up for another game? Harry and Zayn begin to have feelings for Alexis as for Niall too. Does Harry,Zayn, or Niall get Alexis does Cassidy take a chance to date a one direction desperate? Or does she take the safe side and stick with her six best friends, Alexis, Jennie, Jessica, Alice,Anny, and Daisy?


7. IV

The boys are on tour and Cadsidy invited 5 more friends to her party, Jennie, Jessica, Alice, Anny, and Daisy. We started by playing a game we all knew how to play and it's called, never have I ever. You say something that you have not done, and if someone else has, they put a finger down. It's not like truth or dare where you point it to one person it's to everyone. "Never have I ever, had a boyfriend cheat on me!" Daisy yelled I was the only one to put my finger down "never had I ever got SERIOUS in a relationship." Anny said and Alice and Jennie put a finger down as my mouth gaped open. Alice smirked and then nodded, and Jennie went totally shy and put her head down and giggled. " never have I ever ran out side nude." I said and Cassidy put her hands out and took down a finger and called it quits, we were bored and Anny had to go back home, she can't have sleepovers.niw there was just the five of us and we were painting wine bottles I made two. One was a One Direction theme and the other one was a girly one. "lets play spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven." Cassidy said out "and top it off, with my sig game, triple dogg." She finished. "Ok, let's do this, I'll call Niall." I took my phone out. "Niall, I need you here soon and fast." I said putting my phone on speaker

"Well lucky for you, I know where Cassidy lives and we are only 15 minutes or so away. " we all smiled

"Ok hope to see you ALL soon." I emphasized all so he knew we needed all 5 guys, and hung up

•15 mins later•

The boys showed up and we explained to them what we were gonna do "Truth or Dare!" Louis shouted and I giggled "fine we can do truth or dare before we start." I said between laughs. Niall shot a look at Louis, he was mad that he suggested truth or dare... You can tell. "Niall truth or dare!?!" Louis yelled

"Dare" Niall replied to Louis

"I dare you to kiss Alexis with tongue." Louis stated as Niall got up and walked toward me and leaned in, as did I. We were kissing before we heard a huge slam at the front door and we ran to my room and I looked at Cassidy. "Time to play triple dogg, before we die." I said as she nodded. "Everyone give me the most valuable thing they brought." Cassidy said as Niall took out a small bag of food, Louis his suspenders, Zayn a can of spray paint, Liam a handful of money, and Harry a crap load of cell phones. "Alright girls let's get out our valuables." I said pulling out lip gloss from all of their purses and a can of Pringles and a bag of Doritos. Niall eyed my food as I began pulling handfuls of gum out of my computer desk and decided 3 was enough. Everyone's mouths dropped.

Zayn's POV

Alexis had handfuls upon handfuls of gum being pulled out of her desk as my mouth dropped she shrugged "I, love... Food." She said before giving a really cute smi- "if you don't do your dare, you loose your items and get your head shaved" Cassidy said smiling before taking everything to individual boxes with our names on them.wait what was I thinking? Oh yeah... WAIT I shouldn't be thinking that! I got an alarmed face as Harry flung his body over mine attempting to get his phones but Cassidy moved it and Harry fell on his face. Everyone laughed as Jessica pointed to me "Zayn goes first" she yelled "I dare you to..."

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