19 year old Alexis is being torn apart by her boyfriend. He lies to her cheats on her and every time she catches him, she forgives and forgets, but not this time. Heart broken, tired of apologies, and decision to be made, she moves to Ireland and meets One Direction star, Niall Horan, they become best friends and her parents did in a car crash. Niall and Alexis' best friend Cassidy, being the only ones there for Alexis. Niall soon leaving her for tour, but what can happen during this short amount of time Niall is gone? Does Cassidy's signature game of triple dog threaten Alexis' life? What happens when the other 5 friends of Cassidy's join and all decide to give poor Alexis' torched soul a life threatening dare? Does Alexis live through this dare, or will Niall say good bye to his best friend? "How does the game work?" I heard my voice ringing through my ears. "Well let's just say, we need your one direction buddies to play too. We will need them." Cassidy's friend Jennie said evilly with an innocent look in her face, but she is innocent in no possible way. I looked at Niall up for another game? Harry and Zayn begin to have feelings for Alexis as for Niall too. Does Harry,Zayn, or Niall get Alexis does Cassidy take a chance to date a one direction desperate? Or does she take the safe side and stick with her six best friends, Alexis, Jennie, Jessica, Alice,Anny, and Daisy?


5. III

Quick authors note: comment what you think so far???

Alexis POV

I got ready to go to school after all, I have no more braces!! YAY! I got them off yesterday, I got my makeup out and went to my vanity to get ready. I put my foundation on then powder, I was deciding sparkly dark navy eye shadow or silver. Dark navy. It goes very well with my sparkly mascara. I slid down the banister railing and flung myself around the little bulb on the end and landed right on my feet. I am and always have been coordinated I'm kinda like a cat. I was hoping for a good start at school and actually have friends this time. I walked into the school doors and was singing as I walked in I was singing troublemaker

You got me hooked again from the minute you sat down

The way you bite your lip got my head spinnin' around

After a drink or two I was putty in your hands I don't know if I have the strength to stand__

And I wanna know

Why does feel so good but hurt so bad

Ohhh oh oh ohh

My Mind keeps satin' run as fast as you ca-"

Some girl cut me off and grabbed my wrist "hi in Cassidy! In like the most popular girl and your one of my best friends. You're an amazing singer btw." She said

"Um, thanks?" I said she looked at me and handed me her phone and held out her hand

"Give me your phone and don't forget to add your number in my contacts." I pulled out my I-phone 5s and handed if to her I added my phone number and I'm assuming she put her number in my phone too.

I hung out with her all day and I even met 5 boys their names were, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis... I think that's what they were.

I love this school I'm popular here let me tell you how many friends I have her, oh wait, I can't count them. My best friend here is Cassidy, she and I are gonna hang out but the boys won't be here they will be an hour or two away.

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