19 year old Alexis is being torn apart by her boyfriend. He lies to her cheats on her and every time she catches him, she forgives and forgets, but not this time. Heart broken, tired of apologies, and decision to be made, she moves to Ireland and meets One Direction star, Niall Horan, they become best friends and her parents did in a car crash. Niall and Alexis' best friend Cassidy, being the only ones there for Alexis. Niall soon leaving her for tour, but what can happen during this short amount of time Niall is gone? Does Cassidy's signature game of triple dog threaten Alexis' life? What happens when the other 5 friends of Cassidy's join and all decide to give poor Alexis' torched soul a life threatening dare? Does Alexis live through this dare, or will Niall say good bye to his best friend? "How does the game work?" I heard my voice ringing through my ears. "Well let's just say, we need your one direction buddies to play too. We will need them." Cassidy's friend Jennie said evilly with an innocent look in her face, but she is innocent in no possible way. I looked at Niall up for another game? Harry and Zayn begin to have feelings for Alexis as for Niall too. Does Harry,Zayn, or Niall get Alexis does Cassidy take a chance to date a one direction desperate? Or does she take the safe side and stick with her six best friends, Alexis, Jennie, Jessica, Alice,Anny, and Daisy?


4. II

Marie arrived at my house and she came upstairs into my room by the time she had come I had made up my mind and my mom had already started packing "what did Joe do now?" She asked calmly "oh, he only made out with Princella." I said in the baby tone that I used when people wanted to know things. "That's it... That's why you called me over here? I thought he had sex with Brittney... again" she said. She was right he's gotten worse by the day, "that's not all... I'm moving to Ireland." I said dully. Her jaw dropped and tears formed in both our eyes and she hugged me.

Marie helped my mom and I pack our things, I grabbed my glasses and took out my contacts I finished putting on my acne stuff and put on some consoler and powder. I was now ready to go, I hugged Marie for the last time as she stole my phone and handed it to me pointing at her contact. She was too upset to speak I nodded and bit my lip holding back as many tears as possible.

*skip car ride-it's ok nothing, not even a sigh, goes on in this car ride, well maybe some yawns and sighs but no talking*

My life, SUCKS! I've only been here for two seconds and a little boy next door is telling his mom " mommy what is wrong with that girls teeth? There is metal on them." The boy stated as the mom lied to him " she had nasty teeth so they put more metal on her teeth to fix her ugly." The mother stated carelessly of how I felt of that, such a sociopath. I wanted to punch her face and yell 'they are braces, sorry to break it to ya, but, your gonna need them.' I only dreamed of the glory I would feel if I did. I unpacked and ran to my room, I remembered the birthday gift my dad gave me before he died. I never opened it, I was too upset so I opened it now to remember how special I was to him. I slowly ripped the red paper, revealing a little blue box. I opened it and saw a pocket knife that said 'I love you Alexis<3'. My dad was the sweetest, and to even think he was shot by a police officer for slitting an old lady's throat. He seemed so innocent, but yet, he got up the guts to kill an innocent lady.

I looked at the knife and then at my wrist, I stuck the knife to my wrist but lifted it up. I couldn't bring myself to cause enough emotion to cut my wrists, I put the knife in my top drawer and got my stuff together so I could get my braces off. Today was luckily, the last day I needed braces!! We left and they removed my braces and we went out and bought tons of school supplies, art stuff, and things for me to practice singing with.

I'm surprised I got home, traffic is crazy and some guy was standing in the middle of the rod and refused to move till the lady in front of us just decided to hit him.

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