Dear Diary

Fourteen year old Kaycee Moore thinks she has the worst, most boring life ever. But that's before she gets sucked into another mythical world with fantasy creatures. Will she escape or be stuck there forever?


2. Chapter Two


Standing up, I look behind me and see my new wings. They were sparkly and delicate, fragile looking. I try to flutter them, flicking them around. 



I managed to get a few feet of the air. "I'm flyi-" I started, but suddenly they gave out. I shrieked as I fell, landing on a leaf. 


Sitting up, I groaned, I would never get this. Standing up, I tried again and again, until finally I got the hang of it. 


"Yes!" I cheered, flying around. I picked up the book again, opening it.


'Congrats, you know how to fly! Since you are a pixie, you also have powers, but it's up to you to find out what those powers are. You need to go to razur, the town of pixies, faeries, and sprites. You shall have two guides, feather flametree, a fire fairy, and chestnut frostheart, a winged elf with frost and snow powers. They will be in the town of aroibwyn. Good luck!


Once again the book closed, and i stood up, time to get going. I flew around until I was on a cliff overlooking a city. "This should be it." I mumbled, making the flight down.


The town was busy, creatures coming and going, some with wings, others riding on fireflies. I was flying around when I ran straight into a girl.


"Ouch!" We both shrieked, falling. She expertly caught herself with her wings, but since I couldn't use them well, I fell flat on my stomach.


"Oh i'm so sorry!" She cried, helping me up. I stood up, brushing myself off and shaking the dust off my wings.


"It's okay, it's mostly my fault." I replied, holding out my hand. "I'm kaycee, what's your name?" I asked politely.


"I'm feather flametree!" She said happily, shaking my hand. I grinned.


"Perfect! I needed to find you." I said. "I need your help! I need to find the princess' necklace." I said, and she nodded eagerly.


"Okay, i'm in! But a lot of creatures have tried and failed." She warned, but I was too happy to care.


"Now we just need to find chestnut frostheart." I mumbled quietly, but feather heard me anyway.


"Chestnut? Oh i know where he lives!" She said, grabbing my hand and dragging me through the street, earning us a few glares.


She flew us into a mushroom field, to tree with a door and windows on it. 'Well that's new.' I thought as she knocked on the door.


There were a few seconds of silence before the door opened and a boy came out.


"Yes?" He asked. 


"We're going to get the princess' magical necklace back!" Feather practically yelled, bouncing with excitement. Both me and chestnut rubbed our ears.


"For your name being feather your not very delicate." I heard chestnut mutter, but feather either didn't hear or didn't care, becacuse she grabbed his hand and dragged him out.


"Come on, it'll be awsome being the ones responsible for getting back princess briar silverglimmer's necklace!" She coaxed, and finally chestnut nodded.


"Okay but we'll need to prepare before we leave." He said, flying with us. "Let's start getting ready!" He called, and we started towards another city



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