Dear Diary

Fourteen year old Kaycee Moore thinks she has the worst, most boring life ever. But that's before she gets sucked into another mythical world with fantasy creatures. Will she escape or be stuck there forever?


3. Chapter Three

We walk towards town, our fluttering wings making a whooshing sound. I looked around, it was like a regular city, but.... completely different. 


There were creatures riding dragonflies and fireflies like horses, bugs for pets, and all sorts of different stuff. 


We walked into some sort of supply shop. We picked out everything we could ever need, rope, weapons, food, clothing. I looked around the store, checking for anything else we might need.


I gently pick up a small figurine of a creature with wings and a crown, whom i could only assume was the princess.


"Come on kaycee!" Feather called, and i rolled my eyes, setting it down. "Ah, so your name is kaycee?" Chestnut questioned, and i nodded. He put all of the supplies in the backpack he had gotten.


'My name must sound weird, it's not mythical like theirs at all.' I thought, brushing back my hair. We stepped outside, and a girl came over too us. She looked like chestnut's look alike, same eyes, same hair, same face!


"Hello juniper." Chestnut said, turning to me. "This is juniper, my sister." He told me, and i nodded, that explained why she looked so much like him.


"Where are you guys going with all that stuff?" She asked, motioning to the backpack in chestnut's hand.


"Nowhe-" Chestnut began speaking but feather cut him off. He glared at her, his ice eyes cold.


"We're going to get back the princess's necklace!" She said quietly but excitedly. Juniper's eyes lit up in excitement too.


"Can i come? I really want to help!" She said hopefully, looking at her brother. He seemed hesitant and unwilling before he finally nodded.


"Okay, you can come, but you have to do what i say so you don't get hurt." He said consentingly. Juniper smiled at him and spread her butterfly wings. "Good, when are we going?" She asked


"Well we-" Chestnut began once again, but for the second time in a row, feather cut him off mid-sentance.


"We are just leaving! That's what the supplies are for!" She chirped, and chestnut looked like he could shoot ice out of his eyes by now. I got the feeling fire fairies and ice elves didn't mix especially well, i hoped the trip would go well!


I smiled to defuse the situation, and juniper seemed relieved i had. "If we're ready, we should probably get going." Juniper said, and everyone nodded.


"We'll have to travel through forogine forest, it's the only way." Feather said, a hint of worry in her voice. 'What is she worried about?' i thought, wondering what was wrong.


We started off but i could still tell they were anxious, what was wrong?



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