Dear Diary

Fourteen year old Kaycee Moore thinks she has the worst, most boring life ever. But that's before she gets sucked into another mythical world with fantasy creatures. Will she escape or be stuck there forever?


1. Chapter One

Dear diary, today i got into trouble at school and sent home early. My so-called 'friend' ditched me to go shopping with my sworn enemy, and some kid made me trip at lunch! I hate school, what's the point even?! I don't think i'll go tomorrow, it's useless anyway. Maybe i'll go to the mall, or the zoo, or just relax and work on my poetry, or art, or maybe make some clothes. Or maybe-'


My writing was cut off as my dad called me downstairs. Carefully locking my diary and slipping it under my matress i trudged downstairs. "Yes dad?" I asked quietly, he had the phone pressed to his ear. 


"I'm going on a business trip for a few days and won't be here will you be okay alone?" He asked, puling the phone down. Rolling my eyes i nodded, and he continued talking on the phone. 


I ran up to my room, flopping on my bed. I picked up my cell phone, then hesitated. Who would I call? Finally I sighed and put it back down. "Kace i'm leaving now!" My father called. I heard his car start up and roar away. 


I wrote some more in my diary until I got bored. Well, more bored than before. Suddenly having and idea, I hopped up and grabbed a flashlight. There was plywood covering the hole in the ceiling. Shoving it out of the way, I climbed the ladder up to the attic.


Flicking on my flashlight I started looking through the old boxes of stuff. Nothing interested me until a glimmering book caught my attention. 


Carefully picking it up, I blew the dust off of it and opened it to the first page. I gasped as i read it.


"It says here there is another world where everything is small! The portal only opens once every decade, on may 3rd." I read. It was may 3rd today! Suddenly there was a flash and everything went black.


Opening my eyes, all I saw was the incredibly tall trees and the amazingly huge sun. Squinting, I stood up and rubbed my head. Wait a second.... why were the trees so huge? Realizing I still had the old book in my hand, i opened it again.


'If you are reading this, it means you have been trapped in a world called Oreon, a world of fairies, elves, pixies, dragons, and other fantastical creatures. The only way to escape is by finding and returning the emerald necklace to the princess of Oreon. You have been given pixie wings so you can travel easier. First you must find your two guides, they will help you find the object


The book closed itself, and I gasped and sighed. What would I do now? I didn't even know where to go! I sighed, this would be tough, but I could do it. I set the book down, time to get started.



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