Guts.Balls.And love.

A story about Jason Blake. A man who loves woman. Trying to become the man who everyone wants to be like. A man who is looking for his one true love.


2. Lady L.

Chapter 2

There she stood. Her beautiful eyes and quirky smile makes me wonder. A feeling she gives me when I look at her. She is called lady L. Her blond silk hair and beautiful white teeth. Her incredible boobs and her love able ass. Before I could think of anything to say to her my feet were already walking in her direction.

"Hi" I said with a weird tone but directly looking in her eyes.

"You know.. It's kinda mean to look at me like you were stripping me with your eyes and make me do the first approach" i said after that.

" you are really full of yourself if you think that I was stripping you with my eyes" she said playfully.

" well, I'm not really that full of myself.. To be honest I'm scared shitless just talking to you."

Her reaction changed and she looked confused at me and asked me why.

I took her by the hand and placed that on my heart.

" see I'm just that nervous talking to you. You are crazy beautiful and didn't really know what to say. In fact after this the conversation will go just downwards."

She blushed and again her reaction changed. " doesn't have to be. It's kinda cute though. A man who's willing to embarrass him self. But most of all tell the truth about how he's feeling. Kinda sexy"

I stamped on the ground " why do you have to talk to me like that"

She reacted surprised but this time more flirty. "Why you don't like it?"

" as a matter of fact I do. It's just that when you said sexy I kinda imagined how It would feel to kiss you " she watered unconsciously her lips with her tongue and she looked at me smiling. Terrified I stood there imagining now how it would feel to get slapped in the face and how everyone would laugh at me.

" why imagine it if my lips are right here " she said with her head slightly down while fondling her hair back.

I was shocked and didn't know how to react. She didn't even know me. I just me her here at the supermarket. She doesn't even know me . All these doubts went trough my head and while these doubts ran through I felt nervous. At that moment I remembered a poem.

There are worse things than being alone.

Often it takes decades to realize it.

And once we do it's too late.

And there is nothing more worse than being too late.

It this moment I still was looking at her lips and eyes. A second felt like a month. At that moment I took the greatest risk ever.

I kissed her.

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