The computer game

This boy called Alex is in this computer game but he can't get out! Will he manage to get out read it to find out



Hey Sarah do you want to play a computer game with me asked Alex? Yes please ! Said Sarah what game are we playing ? We are playing robotic dinosaurs said Alex oh cool that's one of my favourite games know let's set the game up, so they did. A few hours into the game the power went down and Alex was in the game Sarah did not know where Alex has gone but she started playing the game she shouted, that looks like Alex she was starting getting a bit worried Alex was waving his hand trying to get Sarah's attention but Sarah did not understand she started playing the game and there was some dragons, she was fighting the dragons and Using Alex and she completed the game. A few hours later the power went back on an Alex came back and said to Sarah I was in that game you was controlling me Sarah said stop lying and Alex said no I'm not and a few days later Sarah thought that it was Alex in that game and they all stopped playing that game !!

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