Mean't To Be

Kaylee was in her room dancing in the mirror, until she got that call. "I'm sorry to say that your parents have passed away in a car accident." Now, 4 years later, she lives with Justin & his mom Pattie.
Read more to learn about how she's challenging life with Justin, Pattie & friends she met along the way.


2. Chapter 1

"Hi, I'm Kaylee Bates and well, Y/N POV: "Y/N, JUSTIN, WAKE UP TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL!" Pattie yelled from downstairs. I knew she was downstairs cus mostly every morning when me and Justin went down stairs she was in the kitchen finishing breakfast. "Uugghh... I hate school" I muttered as I was getting up. But I was kinda happy because this was she last week till summer break. Justin never seems to hear his mom when she calls him, he's not a morning person. So I'm going to wake him up like I do every morning. "Justin get your ass up we have 45 minutes" I tell him sleepily. It takes him like 25 minutes to fix his hair. No lie I do love the way he fix his hair but to be honest he takes more time on his hair than I do. Justin blinks his eyes and set at the end of the bed, he kisses my cheek and says "Goodmorning beautiful". I smile and tell him "We have 43 minutes". I leave his room and go across the hall to mine. I go into the bathroom and take a shower, put on a robe, put on light makeup, and curl my hair. "Okay, what to wear, what to wear" I said looking around in my closet. I go through this everyday, I have a lot of clothes but don't know what to wear. Finally, I make the decision of white supras, Jean shorts, a plain white shirt and a red beanie that says "1994". It's my favorite beanie in the world. By this time I had 20 minutes left so I checked my twitter, posted a selfie on Instagram quoting " Style For The Day! ✨". I took my phone ( I have a I phone 5c & it's blue) off the charger and knocked on Justin's door. He yelled "I'll be down in 5!". "Okay!" I yelled back. I was going down stairs and went into the kitchen to meet Pattie. I didn't feel comfortable calling her Pattie when I was like 10 then I started calling her Momma P.( Idek I made it up 😂) "Goodmorning Momma P" I said giving her a hug. She smiled and said "Goodmorning Y/N/N (Your/Nick/Name). She cooked eggs,pancakes,and bacon. It's me and Justin favorite she must be in a really good mood to do all of this. I poured some orange juice in a glass for Justin and milk in a glass for me. I set the glasses and the plates on the table and sat down. "So momma P, what do you have planned for today?" "I have to meet Jeremy about Justin going on tour for a month this summer, I'm goin grocery shopping, and Oh and do you and Justin mind watching Jaxon and Jazmyn this evening when y'all come from school for a while?" " No problem, I haven't seem those guys in a long time." " Good, okay so I have a meeting at work and I'll be back later to take the kids home, your sister stayed at her friend house so she'll ride home with you guys this evening and Please make sure Ryan and Chaz don't mess up the house." I chuckled a little and said "yes ma'am." Justin was coming down the stairs and to my surprise we were wearing the exact same thing. We both looked at each other in the eyes then at each other's out fit. Momma P laughed and said "So I guess I have twins for the day" grabbing her keys. We laughed and then Justin said "Goodmorning" she replied with the same Anwser and left out the door. When Justin was done we left (we have three cars ; a Lamborghini,a charger, and a Ferrari) we decided to take the Ferrari. We got in the car and drove to SHS(Stratford High School). When Justin turned on the radio his song "Somebody To Love" started to play. A huge smile appeared on my face and I humed to the rhythm. Justin started to sing and omg it was beautiful. So we pulled up to school and I didn't see anyone outside then I realized we were late. Justin got out the car then ran to the other side to open my door and then helped me out. We walked into school together, we have the exact same classes and our locker is right by each other so we followed each other. We were known as the most popular people in school and some times we ditch but this time we just went and stayed.

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