Half A Heart (a niall fanfic)

Caroline DeMonta is a 22 year old nutritionist and girlfriend of Niall Horan. This story is about their relationship. The good times, the bad times, the friendships, and the friend zones. Niall and the lads will have to go on tour shortly after their new album is released. With a sudden turn of events, can Niall and Caroline keep their relationship strong? Find out in this funny and heartwarming story.

Note: minor sex scene(s) and strong language


2. Chapter 2: Work and Conflict

I am a nutritionist. Because of our relationship, I had to finish the last months of college online. It was ok though, because Niall was there. I loved work. The people were so nice, the pay wasn't too bad, and I love helping people. Well, work wasn't all that great. My boss, Jionni, was a huge sleaze. He always tried to hit on me and make me break up with Niall. I always try to ignore him, but I'm still afraid of him. He is known to get physical when angry. I just try not to get hurt. Niall tries to protect me, but I don't want to get fired. Just as I was settled into my office, Jionni walks into my office.

Jionni: Sorry to interrupt you, but can I talk to you?

Me: Ya know Jionni, I have a lot of...

Jionni: Oh! It's about work, I promise!

Me: Fine.

*in Jionni's office*

Jionni: See that? (He points to a plaque on the wall) won county champions in football. Pretty impressive, eh?

Me: You promised this was about work!

Jionni: Caroline, why won't you just go out with me?

Me: I have a boyfriend. I've told you this.

Jionni: Ah yes, the guy in the poppy-trashy band Two Directions.

Me: It's One Direction and please don't insult his work.

Jionni: What is so good about that nut?

Me: I love him and he is the sweetest guy that ever walked the earth.

Jionni: What about me? I'm funny, attractive, talented...

Me: (I whisper under my breath) An abusive douchebag...

Jionni: What was that?

Me: Nothing.

Jionni: Oh. So come on! Dump his sorry ass and come to me!

Me: I have a client now.

Jionni: You know, I heard what you said. You bitch. Why, I oughta...

Me: Please don't hurt me. I'm just antsy today. Please?

Jionni: Idiot girl. I'll be talking to you later.

Me: Please Jionni no!

Jionni: If you won't be with me, I'll just have to give you hell. (He winds up to punch me)

Just in the nick of time, the secretary knocks on the door. She talks through the door.

Secretary: Sir, uh, Ms. DeMonta's client is here.

Jionni: I'll see you after work.

I leave the room, scared.

It's about noon. I was about to leave for my lunchbreak, when all of a sudden, Niall comes bursting through the door of my office.

Me: Niall! What are you doing here?

Niall: I had a break, so I decided to get you Nando's for lunch!

Me: Aww! Thanks sweetie! You're the best! (I give him a kiss)

My office door was open. Jionni stopped as he was walking past.

Jionni: Oh hi Neil. Thought you would be recording.

Niall: It's Niall, and I am. I was just bringing MY girlfriend some lunch.

Niall was really emphasising the 'my'. He's mad at Jionni; I can tell. Jionni just gives him a dirty look. Niall glares.

Niall: Alright, I gotta go back to the studio princess. Love you.

Me: Aww babe I love ya too. (We kiss)

Niall: (Whispers into Jionni's ear on the way out) Leave me girl alone.

It's around 5:30 and I'm packing up my things. Jionni storms into my office. Oh boy. I forgot about this morning.

Jionni: I've had it! Go out with me and listen to what I say!

Me: No Jionni! Niall is my boyfriend! He is actually nice and isn't an abusive asshole like you!

Jionni: You little! I'm going to make work hell for you! (He raises his hand to slap me)

Niall: (walks into the room) Babe, the car is outsi... Oh my god!

He gets in my way and takes Jionni's blow. It sounds like it stings. I grab Niall and cry.

Niall: Back away from her! Paul!

Paul: C'mon buddy, let's go. (He grabs Jionni)

Jionni: You haven't heard the last of me leprechaun! Especially you, you little skank!

Paul: Why don't you tell the judge these things, alright? The police are waiting for you outside!

The superintendent comes in.

Superintendent: Jionni, you are banned from this premises! Ms. DeMonta, are you ok?

Me: I'm fine. My boyfriend got in the way. Niall, are you alright?

Niall: Yeah. I'm fine. C'mon babe, let's go home.

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