The dare

"They fall in love, didn't they?" "Yes they did"


1. Prologue

Luke's p.o.v.
Ashton, Calum and I walk to a table in the cafetaria. I see some nerds sitting at our table. Definelly Freshman’s or sophomores. Me and Calum and Juniors and Ashton is a senior. "Sorry Luke, we are already going" they say even before I say a word. I love being popular. The hot girls throw themselves at you so you never have to be scared to have a weeklong no sex and the nerds always make room for you and do your homework, essay's and projects. We sit down and start eating. I drink my smoothie while listening to what Ashton and Calum did last night. "He's just a second Luke but then ages ago" Calum says and laugh. "Wait what? Who's a second me?" I ask. "Maybe you should listen for once but I'll tell it again" Calum says. "Yeah well, I'm not interested in sister-brother movie night" I say. "Yeah just shut up, Ash and I were watching the same movie with our sisters and it was about a popular boy that’s why we said a second Luke who gets dared to change a nerdy ugly girl into a pretty popular girl but he was just using her" Calum explains. "It's a stupid movie" I say and stand up to throw my smoothie cup away. "Where are you going?" Ashton asks. "Throw my cup away and sneak away from you" I say with a smirk. I grab my bag and walk away. "Hey we weren't done with you" Calum says and runs a bit and then walks next to me. Ashton also runs and also walks next to me. "We dare you to change a nerd into a popular hot girl" Ashton says. "Don't think so" I say and keep walking. "What if we give you money, 50 pounds if you change her into a popular hot girl" Ashton says. "Who chooses the girl?" I ask. "We" Calum says. "And are you both going to keep your mouth shut?" I ask. "Promise" Ashton says. "Pick a girl, I'm going to get my books from my locker" I say and walk away. Shit... Where did I get myself into?


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