The dare

"They fall in love, didn't they?" "Yes they did"


2. chapter 1

"Michael, you here?" I yell. "Michael" I yell harder. "Yeah, in the bathroom" he yells back. "I need to talk to you" I say. "Have you fucked a girl again?" he asks. "No? I don't always have girl problems by the way" I say. Michael walks into the small living room with a towel around his waist. "So you have boy troubles?" he asks. "Michael put some clothes on" I say. "I'm wearing a boxer and relax, it's not that you've never seen me naked before" he says. "I don't have to see you very little friend again" I say. "I'm not that little you idiot" Michael says with a laugh. "Yeah, mines bigger and no you won't get to compare. But help me, Calum and Ashton came up with an idea, I have to change a nerd into a popular hot girl" I say. "Who's the nerd?" he asks. "I don't know that yet but if it works I get 50 pounds from Ash and Cal" I say. "So what's the problem?" he asks. "I'm not used to be with a girl longer than a day and I probably will say something what will cause her to hate me so yeah... " I say. "Don't worry, just give some compliment, be nice, don't be like, I wanna fuck you but ask her out on a date or something" Michael says. "I never thought I would ever need love advice" I say. "Ooh boy, this is just the beginning" Michael says and walks to his room.
What does he means with this is only the beginning? Stupid jerk. Ashton texted me that Calum and he needed to talk to me. They probably chose a girl. I texted back to meet me at the park.
"Lukey" Calum yells and jumps on my back. "Hello to you too fatass" I say and walk to Ashton with Calum on my back. "So we have chosen your victim, poor girl, it's Rachel Hale" Calum says. "You know who she is, the sophomore, brown hair, blue eyes, big glasses, nerdy friends and she has a brother, the fat blond curly one we used to bully" Ashton says. "You really collected all the information you could right?" I ask laughing. "Yup, we did but then you don't have too, we only helped you" Calum says. "Thanks" I say. "So what’s your plan?" Ashton asks and sits on the grass. Calum and I also sit down. "I'm going to talk to her tomorrow then trying to become friends. I hope she'll trust me so I can make her popular you know and get her an make over when it's time" I say. "You have to do this before the summer holiday" Calum says. "Yeah I get that" I say. "keep us updated alright" Ashton says. "Yeah I'll, I'm just so not used to talking to unpopular girls or being nice and not wanting them in my bed" I say and we all laugh. "You don't have to but you won't get 100 pounds" Ashton says. "100?" I ask. "Yeah, 50 from me and 50 from Cal" Ashton says. "That makes this dare even better" I say with a smirk.


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