Three friends must find the courage to move on from tragedy.


4. Act Two; Scene One: Death comes Knock, Knock, Knocking again

Act Two: Death Comes Knock, Knock, Knocking again


Scene One: Saturday Morning


Narrator: Lily, slept through her alarm, not knowing her sister had stolen her keyes. Matt slept soundly in his bed. The only one up was Tessa Oliver driving towards the cemetery. Alone. Crying tears of happiness. Sebastian...she’s going to see Sebastian; oh how mistaken she was on how she was going to see Sebastian.


(The car, two benches and wooden wheel. Crashes into another car, and Tessa is thrown from the car she drives. The lights dim, to give the audience the impression that Tessa has lost consciousness but its really so the actor can get to the side of the ‘road’ and lay there. While stagehands apply ‘blood’ to her forehead.)




(Sebastian looks at the slowly dying Tessa, and kneels down.)


Sebastian: Its okay Tessa. Come to me.


Death: Kid, back away. (Death kneels, replacing Sebastian. Death strokes the side of Tessa’s face, as would a mother to her sick child.)


[Enter ghost of Tessa, played by Lily]


Tessa: How, why?


Death: You were in a car crash.


Tessa:I was supposed to live though, for a long time.


Sebastian: I lied, so you wouldn’t worry when you died.


Tessa: Is this what you meant, when I’d see you soon?


Sebastian: Yes, I’m sorry.


Tessa: Its okay. What matters is that I’m with you. Who killed me?


Death: I don’t know, but they’re alive.


Death: Time to go you too.




(the three left behind the car wreck, shattered glass lined the body of Tessa Oliver. Who was long dead by the time the person in the other car woke up and called the ambulance. When Lily and Matt found her, on their way to the cemetery. Tessa didn’t hear their cries. Tessa didn’t care really...she was with the love of her afterlife. Sebastian Green and Tessa Oliver would spend eternity together. As friends, and as lovers.)


Narrator: I suppose that’s the end of the play. Sorry if it was depressing. But that’s life isn’t it? Filled with tragedy that people have to learn to live through? I hope you enjoyed this, as sad it was but please consider there was a happy ending for at least two of our characters. Tessa and Sebastian are together wherever they are. So friends, I can say now, Fin.




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