Three friends must find the courage to move on from tragedy.


2. ACT ONE; Scene Two: Reading Love

Scene Two: Reading Love


Narrator: Tessa Oliver sits on a school bench; reading over Sebastian’s journal. Loved filled words, and descriptions of herself through his eyes, brought tears to her own. Her love for him only grew...with each word she read; the more she loved him, hated him, and wished he was alive so she could tell him.


(Death sits next to her. Careful not to touch her. The angel looks at her trying to figure out what the boy saw in her. She was caring, kind, smart, funny...when she wasn’t crying. Most of all; she loved the boy- fate was unfair Death decided.)


Death: Kid, I wish I could bring him back to you. Fate is unfair and if I had a say; the boy wouldn’t have died. I wish I could give him life; but that would unbalance the natural order; someone else would have to die so you could be happy. How is that fair?


(Surprisingly Tessa turned towards the angel.)


Tessa: Sometimes I feel like he’s right next to me. But no one is ever there. Why did he have to die? What did he do to deserve death at seventeen? He wanted to be a doctor. He wanted to cure the world of disease. He wanted to find a cure for death. He wanted me; he wanted to tell me he loved me. I wanted to tell him I loved him a lot longer than he loved me. I’ve loved him since the day he saved me in the fifth grade from Tommy Jones. Death, you took away the only man I’ll ever love. You took away my protector. My flashlight into darkness. You took away my balloon and now I’m free falling into an abyss that I can’t escape. My life is over without him. I can’t express enough how painful this feeling is; how horrible heartbreak is. My heart aches for him. Now he’s gone and I’m left with only his words. Maybe I deserve this.


Death: No child; you don’t. No one does. I am sorry the heartbreak I have bestowed you. But rest easy you will join him soon.


[Exit Death]

[Enter Lily]


Lily: Hey.


Tessa: Hello.(Tessa does not look up from the journal.)


Lily: Look, I know you miss him; but its been three months.


Tessa: Look, you didn’t love him; not like I did. Now I know that he loved me too. So excuse me for not moving on. What would you do if Matt keeled over and died? How long would you mourn him?


Lily: That isn’t fair.


Tessa:Isn’t it?


Lily: Look, a bunch of us are having a party. Its Matt’s birthday and I don’t want him moping.


Tessa: He deserves to mope. The one day of the year he shared with his brother. The one day that they both came into the world-together. Now Matt has to celebrate alone. Forever until he dies. But he won’t be doing that with Seb, no Matt with die Seb did.


Lily: You know Tessa, if you didn’t want to come; you could just say no.


Tessa: Maybe Matt doesn’t want to go.


[Enter Matt]


Matt: What? Where don’t I want to go?


Tessa: You’re surprise party.


Matt: Lil, I told you I didn’t want to celebrate this year.


Lily: You two can’t mope around forever! I lost him too!


Tessa: Really, you’ve got a strange way of showing it.

[Tessa gets up and exits stage left]


Lily: I’m worried about her.


Matt: She loved him Lily. I loved him. You loved him in your way. But Tessa and I have to mourn him-our way. Her’s is reading his words, and mine is holeing myself up in his room, on our birthday with his favorite cake and movie.


Lily: That sounds nicer than what I had planned. Tessa-


Matt: She’s going to celebrate her way. Leave her to mourn Lily.


Lily: What if her way of mourning is dying herself?


Matt: Lily, you mustn’t think like that.


Lily: Then how must I think? My best friend is dead! My sister is falling off her rocker trying to contact him, and my boyfriend his brother is telling me to let her mourn him in her own way! I can tell you this, no sane person holes themselves up in their room reading a dead man’s journal. Crying each night because they know that those words will never be spoken. At least not by that person.


Matt: Lily, you are mourning him by partying. You can’t do that. Come with me, to my house and we’ll mourn together.


Lily: No. I am not mourning. I have accepted that he’s dead. So should you. You’re crying because he’s not here. You’re not crying over his death. You’re crying over the loss of his presence.


Matt: That isn’t fair,


Lily: I cried because he died a horrible death. Because he died so young. Not because I won’t be able to see his face again, or hear him act out Hamlet in the school play. No I cried because he died.


[Exit Lily.]


Matt(aside): Is it true? Am I being selfish?


[Enter DEATH]


Death: No dear child. You are not selfish. He was your twin. Your souls mirror one another. Sometimes I wonder if I snatched the right one.


[Exit DEATH]


[Exit MATT]




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