Three friends must find the courage to move on from tragedy.


3. Act One; Scene Three: Party of One times Three

Scene Three: Party of One times Three

Narrator: The stage is broken into three sections. Symbolizing the three friends. In their stages of mourning. On stage left is Tessa Oliver, sitting alone on her bed, surrounded by pictures of Sebastian and stuffed animals. In the middle we have the destructive mourning style of Lily Oliver; partying; celebrating her boyfriend’s life without him. Mourning the loss of her best friend, and on stage right, we have what looks like scene one, but Matt sits on his brother’s bed with a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, and the movie, ‘The Goonies’ playing in front of him. The medical supplies have been covered by white sheets, and the ghost of Sebastian sits on the headboard of the bed. Watching the movie with his brother; a brother he regretted leaving behind. Knowing that now; Matt had to die alone.


Matt: Why did you have to die?


Sebastian: I wish I had the answers. Well I do, but you can’t hear them anyway.


Matt: I can feel you, Seb. I can still feel what you feel.


Sebastian: So can I Mattie.


Matt: You know that Tessa; she loves you man. She can’t let you go. I’m worried about her.


Sebastian: So am I.


Matt: Go to her man, float or whatever you do. She needs you more than I do.


Sebastian: Don’t have to tell me twice. (Sebastian ruffles Matt’s hair before leaving)


(The light dims only to shine again on Tessa Oliver, the specter of Sebastian sitting on the edge of the bed.)


Tessa: You’re gone.(Tessa cries at a photograph.) Why Sebastian; why didn’t you tell me?


Sebastian: I’m sorry Tessa. I’m sorry, so sorry. (Tessa looks up; almost as if she could hear him.)


Tessa: Sebastian?


Sebastian: Can you see me?


Tessa: Yes. How?


Sebastian: I dunno. God I’m so sorry Tessa.


Tessa: Don’t be sorry. Just tell me.


Sebastian: I love you. I love you Tessa Marie Oliver


Tessa(With tears in her eyes): I love you too Sebastian Green.


Sebastian: You can’t die.


Tessa: How did you?


Sebastian: I inferred. Please don’t do anything stupid. You killing yourself isn’t going to bring you to me.


Tessa: What?


Sebastian: If you kill yourself you’ll be stuck in limbo until your lifespan is used up. Death, he told me you lived until you were seventy.


Tessa: I won’t die until I have to. Don’t worry about me. I love you, but Lily she’s out partying every night. She doesn’t want to admit but she misses you. She’s angry. I’m worried.


Sebastian: Don’t be. She’ll be fine. Matt and her get married and have a few kids.


Tessa: What would we have done?


Sebastian: Got married, have three kids, and then remodel my house and I die.


Tessa: Oh, at least you told me you loved me in that scenario.


Sebastian: Laughs) You sound like Death.


Tessa: Do I? Is that a good thing?


Sebastian: Yes. Death is a funny angel. Ironic.


Tessa: When will I see you again?


Sebastian: When will you visit my grave next?

Tessa: Tomorrow. I always go on Saturdays.


Sebastian: I died on a Saturday. But this Saturday will be different. Are you driving tomorrow?


Tessa: No, Lily is driving me.


Sebastian: Until tomorrow. (Sebastian kisses Tessa’s head before disappearing.)


(Tessa calls Matt.)


Matt: Hello?


Tessa: Matt! Its Tessa, oh my God you’ll never believe what just happened!


Matt: What?


Tessa: I saw Sebastian. He told me he loved me.


Matt: What? When?


Tessa: A few minutes ago, why?


Matt: I felt his presence and I told him I was worried about you and I told him to go to you.


Tessa: He was making sure we were alright. It sounds just like him. Well goodnight. I had to tell someone, and Lily would just get mad.


Matt: Goodnight Tess.


Tessa: Goodnight Mattie. (Tessa hung up the phone and fell back onto her pillows and fell asleep)


Narrator: Lily Oliver returned home; because she felt that Sebastian wouldn’t want her to party, and to waste her life. She fell asleep in her room. Having no intention of driving her sister to the cemetery. Leaving Tessa to drive herself.


[Curtain Closes]


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