saved-niall horan fan fiction

Ashley is 16 and Has been abused almost all her life until she decides to run away. she bumps into a blonde boy with blue eyes. what will happen? will mark find her? will the blonde abuse her too? what will happen? read to find out!


10. chapter 7

Ashley's POV:

i heard beeping and other noises but i couldn't open my eyes, is that what heaven feels like? because it sucks. My eyes started to flutter open and saw Harry to my right, on his phone of course. he looked up and saws that i was awake, he ran up to get the nurse and i remembered that Niall also got shot, "WHERE IS NIALL?!? IS HE OK" i said "man you really love him don't you? well ya he is fine he is i the other room eating right now" i blushed when he said you love him don't you? i tried to get up but go this stinging pain in my arm and fell down, "I'll go get a wheel chair and we can go see Niall, he is worried sick about you." i just smile and said ok. we got to Niall's room and he looked up and saw me. "Oh my god Ashley you're ok!!!" "yes i am, and so are you!! do you know where you got shot??" he lifted up his shirt and i saw he was shot in the stomach. all i could do was roll to him and kiss him. "well now its official" Niall said. "what is?" "well now you HAVE to be in a wheel chair since your knee AND your arm, which means we will be wheel chair buddy's!!!" i laughed and so did he. we kissed again and the doctor came in and said we can leave tomorrow. we just both smiled and said thank you.

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