saved-niall horan fan fiction

Ashley is 16 and Has been abused almost all her life until she decides to run away. she bumps into a blonde boy with blue eyes. what will happen? will mark find her? will the blonde abuse her too? what will happen? read to find out!


8. chapter 6

Ashley's POV:

i woke up the next morning i got my crutches and walked to nialls room.. well i tried but i fell and screamed in pain.. Niall ran in and picked me up and carried me downstairs. "thank you" i said and he kissed me "anything for my sweetheart" just as we were about to kiss again the door bell rang, Niall came to answer it and Niall then yelled "ASHLEY ITS FOR YOU" but he stayed to watch over me, i just walked in and i froze in my tracks, "hello sweetheart" he said, Niall looked hurt but that didn't matter right now. i forgot about my knee and i just dropped my crutches and ran, as fast i could but it hurt like hell. Niall got nervous and scared. "STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" i said to him "I AM YOUR FATHER AND YOU WILL OBEY ME OR YOU WILL GET A BIGGER PUNISHMENT THAN YOUR ALREADY GETTING!" and Niall caught on and was about to tackle mark but he pulled out a gun and Niall froze in he tracks. and before i knew it Niall was in the ground, "your next" (creepy smile) and before i knew it he shot me in the arm. i fell to the ground and acted dead, he heard cops and he ran. i got up and went to Niall, "NIALL PLEASE BE ALIVE PLEASE!!!" i started to cry, i can barely breath. Liam got home and saw the cops and ambulance and saw me near Niall with blood around us everywhere, he didn't say anything he just hugged me, about 2 minutes later he stopped hugging me and saw his jacket full of blood, he then looked and me and saw my arm had been shot and i was just staring as they took Niall away, "SHE GOT SHOT IN THE ARM!" he yelled and they came in and took me to the hospital. i heard them say that it hit an artery and lost to much blood and if they couldn't get any blood in me i would die, but nobody had my blood. at that moment everything went black.

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