saved-niall horan fan fiction

Ashley is 16 and Has been abused almost all her life until she decides to run away. she bumps into a blonde boy with blue eyes. what will happen? will mark find her? will the blonde abuse her too? what will happen? read to find out!


7. chapter 5

Niall's POV:

i was headed to the store and i couldn't stop thinking about her, she was so beautiful and fragile... i think im falling for her. i got to the store and bought the purple crutches she asked for, though they were hard to find. i got home and she greeted me warmly and i have her the crutches. i had to tell her.

Ashley's POV:

i couldn't stop thinking about Niall while he was at the store. i think I'm falling for him. but i cant Love him, I'm worthless, I'm nothing, im just their charity case. he would never even like me anyways much less love me!

Niall's POV:

*at home*

"here Ashley, i got you the crutches, and there purple!!" "hahaha" i blushed and i saw she did to. "ummm Ashley i need to talk to you, alone" we walked to my room and we sat down. "whatcha need to talk about?" she looks a little worried.

Ashley's POV:

is he going to kick me out i know it! i tried to look calm. "look i have gotten to know you a lot and ummm well u think im falling for you..." before he said anything else i kissed him, and he kissed me back, "Ashley, will you be my girlfriend?" "YES" and we started making out and then Louie walked in...."oh i didn't mean to disturb" we can tell he is trying not to laugh but he just could hold it in and he started cracking up and so did we. it was getting dark so we all went to bed.

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