saved-niall horan fan fiction

Ashley is 16 and Has been abused almost all her life until she decides to run away. she bumps into a blonde boy with blue eyes. what will happen? will mark find her? will the blonde abuse her too? what will happen? read to find out!


6. chapter 4

Ashley's POV:

i woke up and i forgot where i was for a second but then i remembered so i got my crutches and walked to the shower and i was trying to take off my shorts but i couldn't so i had to call for Niall(which was really awkward)"NIALL!!!" he came running and he looked worried so i couldn't help but laugh. "thats not funny!" he pouted for a second "i need help taking my shorts off.. i know it's awkward but please?" so he did and it was AWKWARD!! but anyways, after that he told me to hurry because he wanted to go shopping. and i was exited cuz i haven't gone shopping since, well you can guess. so i hurried and got ready. i put on a dress that was to small for me but it was the only thing i had so i wore it. Niall saw me with it and said "you are not going out with just that! here at least where my jacket" "fine" i said a little annoyed he was treating me like a child. but shrugged it off. we all went in the car, i went in the front so i have more room for my broke leg. we got there and i was so amazed! the mall was HUGE!! i mean HUGE! "what tore do you want to go to first?" asked Louie. i said forever 21. i heard about it from somewhere so i suggested it and they all said "ok" which i found a little creepy but i laughed. Niall had someone bring me a wheel chair so i didn't have to walk (i don't know why) and he pushed me EVERYWHERE! we got the store and i made him give me my crutches so i could walk and chose really cute dresses, shirts, swear pants, you name it! after going around the mall we were about to leave when a teenage girl say Harry and yelled "OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!" and all of a sudden paparazzi's came out of no where and we had to make a dash for it. Niall put me im the wheel chair and threw my crutches on the ground and ran. the pap. got a few pics of me and Niall and a day later sure enough i was on the front page of the news paper. "Im sorry about yesterday's accident..." and i just laughed and said "its fine, but we do have to get new crutches for me because right now I am having to be carried." and then Niall realized he threw my crutches on the ground at the mall. " oh... right. I will go get some, what is your favorite color??" "purple" i said.. of course.

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