Niall and Kaylee were dating before Niall decided to join xfactor kaylee shows up two years later... With a surprise for Niall


2. chapter one

Niall's pov

I laugh as me the boys and my mum all drove to my house back in mullingar. We had finally gotten a break and the boys all agreed to come to mullingar for a few weeks to spend time with my family and friends.

Once we got to my house I looked across the street and I noticed my well now ex girl friend was home. I sighed softly and watched as her, her mum and a little girl left the house. I just shrugged her mum must have had another child I thought to myself I just shrugged "lads I'll be right back" I mutter and walk out side "KAYLEE!" I call hugging her tightly. She didn't hug back she just looked at me. This is when everything changed for me and for her.....

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