She's So Perfect

Don't know how to explain, but it's a 5SOS FanFic. Read to learn more!


7. Chapter 6:

 I walked around the corner into the bathroom to see Darian, laying on the floor, eyes wide open. She was still breathing and her arm was bloody as hell. I saw a knife full of blood in her hand.


Darian's POV:

My eyes were stil open, but I could start to see, everything being blurry. "Darian! What the fuck?! Why did you have to scare me!?" Luke shouted. I remembered the knife, falling. I didn't know what to say. I just cried. Luke immediately threw his arms around me and pulled me up onto his knees, sitting on his own feet. "I'm sorry for shouting... Shhh... It's OK. I'm here..." He said, rocking softly. I balled my eyes out into my hands. I ended up crying myself to sleep. When I woke you, I found myself in the tub and a cold cloth that was wet on my arm. Luke was washing my bloody arm and he didn't notice I was awake. His went over a deep cut and I pulled my arm towards me quickly, tears coming back. "Hey, hey. It's OK. Don't cry again. I promise everything is OK." He said, kissing my forehead. "I'm a fucking messed up wreak, Luke. Why do you love me?" I asked. He justed looked at me. "I have a million reasons, but I need to clean your arm." He said, gently taking my arm. I sighed and when Luke finished, he gave me a peck on the lips, but he didn't seem satisfied. He immediately come back and we quickly ended up making out and Luke was half undressed. He made his way to my neck and I moaned.

A/N: SOO Sorry for short shitty chapter! I'm SUPER busy!

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