She's So Perfect

Don't know how to explain, but it's a 5SOS FanFic. Read to learn more!


6. Chapter 5

I woke up wrapped up in Luke's arms. I yawned and snuggled closer into his bare chest. I took a deep breath and smiled. "Hey." He said sleepily. "Hey." I said. Tiny and Candy were around us. It's been a long day the day before. We did a lot of running around and two nights ago is when I lost my virginity. I hated Luke for that, but who cares. He's sweet, kind, and cute (hot). He started to fall asleep again, but Tiny started licking his face while Candy was meowing in the cutest way. She nuzzled my face and purred. As for Tiny, she was climbing all over Luke. We laughed and sat up. I cradled Candy in my arms and giggled as she purred. I remembered to back when I was 5, I wanted a cat and dog. I would've named the Tiny and Candy, so little me got her wish. "Luke... Why are they so cute?" I asked. "Because you have the one who's cuddly." He said. "Not the question, but good enough." I said. Tiny crawled over to me and cuddled me. "Oh come on! What do you have against me!" Luke laughed. I giggled and stood up. I put Candy down and all 3 of them followed me (note, Luke being the third). I fed Candy and Tiny. Luke walked up behind me and kissed my shoulder. "They love you, don't they?" He asked. "Ya. Because I feed them." I laughed. "Not true. Everyone and everything loves you. Especially me." He said. "Why you being so nice?" I asked. "Because I love you and we've been together for 13 days." He said. "So you're being weird and keeping track of this?" I asked. He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm just happy that after so many years, you're finally mine." He said. I giggled and kissed his cheek. "Wanna take Tiny to the park?" He asked. "Sure, but what about Candy?" I asked. "She's well behaved, we can hold her." He replied. I smiled. "Tiny!" I called and she came running. She barked her cute little puppy bark and I bent down. I took the leash and clipped it onto her collar. Luke walked over with Candy in his arms. I smiled and we left. Candy decided to climb onto my shoulder and just sat there. Luke laughed at her and he wrapped an arm around my waist. When we got to the park and we let Tiny off her leash. She was fine to run around all she wanted. Candy stayed on my shoulder. "Stop being cute." Luke said. "I don't think she wants to." I said. "I wasn't talking to her." He said, smiling at me. I playfully pushed him and he kissed my cheek. I looked over at the park and Tiny was nowhere to be seen. I sat up straight. "What happened? Why are you going looking around?" Luke asked worriedly. "It's Tiny. I don't see her anywhere." I said, standing up. We searched the park calling her name. It was getting dark and I began to cry. Luke pulled me into his arms, holding me close. "Shhh... It's OK..." He said, unsteady as well. We heard a soft bark and I spun around. There she was. The little runaway. She tried to climb up my leg and I picked her up. She licked my face. Luke and I smiled and we went home. Luke held tightly onto my hand and I rested my head on his shoulder. Candy had climbed onto Luke's shoulder and Tiny was trotting beside us on her leash. "I love you. You know that?" Luke asked after an everlasting silence. I nodded and we opened the door to the house. "About time. We've been waiting for an hour!" Ashton said, scaring the shit out of me. "Excuse me if our dog got lost." I said, walking off with Candy and Tiny. I fed them and went upstairs to the bathroom. I caught something shiny in the corner of my eye. It reminded me of something horrible that my parents had done years ago to me.

Luke's POV:

I heard a loud bang coming from the bathroom upstairs. "Darian?" I called, jumping out of my chair. I got no answer. "Darian?" I called a bit louder as I rushed up the stairs. I walked around the corner into the bathroom to see Darian, laying on the floor, eyes wide open. She was still breathing and her arm was bloody as hell. I saw a knife full of blood in her hand.

A/N: Sorry, again, for short chapters, but storms are evil, you know?

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