She's So Perfect

Don't know how to explain, but it's a 5SOS FanFic. Read to learn more!


2. Chapter 2

I woke up and remember it was Saturday. I felt like shit. I was dizzy, I felt like throwing up, I had a headache, and if I moved, it hurt my everything. There was a knock on my door. "Knock knock." Luke said and poked his head in. "Hi." I said with a stuffy nose and cough. "Holy shit. Are you feeling OK?" He asked. I shook my head. He sat beside me and pressed to back of his hand to my forehead. "Oh my god. Your face might melt my hand!" He said. I laughed a bit, but it quickly turned to a cough. I groaned loudly out of annoyance. "I'll get you some water." He said and rushed out. Why was Luke being so nice? Not that I didn't like the idea if nurse Luke, but still. He came back in on the phone. "I can't right now. Darian is super sick and I'd rather not have her die." He said to whoever. Probably Cal. He hung up after a moment and sat beside me again, handing me a glass of water. I sat up slowly and took it. "Thanks." I said in a dry, raspy voice. I noticed a small tent forming on Luke's jeans. He was staring at me and the tent got a little bigger. "I'll be right back. You try to get some rest for now." He said. I nodded. I put the glass off on the nightstand and huddled under the cover. "Luke, do you have any blankets?" I asked. "Yup, gimme one sec." He said and rushed out. He came back in with 7 big and warm blankets. He threw them on top of me and I thanked him. "Get some rest." He said. He tucked me in for some reason and kissed my forehead. He left and closed the door slowly. I snuggled with my little penguin until I fell asleep listening to Luke's band, 5SOS, 'She Looks So Perfect' with my earbuds. 

-A Few Hours Later-

I felt someone sit beside me and check my forehead. My eyes fluttered open. "Sorry if I woke you." Luke whispered. "No, you didn't." I said. "Your fever went down. How you feeling?" He asked. "A lot better." I replied with a smile. He returned my smile, making me heart leap. I still showed no effect of having a huge crush on him. "You think you're ready to have something to eat? You must be hungry." He said. "Dude, you shouldn't even ask that. I'M ALWAYS HUNGRY!" I pointed out. He laughed. "How could I forget!" He said. I sat up and my head started to pound with a bad headache and then I got dizzy. I held my head and groaned. "Come on, but move slower." He said. He stood up and reached out his hand for me to take it. I took it, feeling my heart race, and he helped me up. He wrapped one arm around my shoulders and kept my hand in his to help steady me. We slowly walked down the stairs and when we reached the couch, I sat down while Luke went to get me something to eat. He came back with a carrot, knowing I loved them. "Thank you!" I said as he handed it to me. He laughed. He sat beside me and gave me a blanket. I still had the penguin and I was cuddling with it. "I'm a bit jealous of the penguin." He laughed. I laughed and I scooted closer to Luke and snuggled into his side. "You're warm. I'mma leach all your heat." I said lazily. He chuckled. I snuggled closer, trying to take his heat and have an excuse to cuddle with him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I fell asleep quickly. 

-An Hour Later-

"Darian!" Luke said softly. My eyes fluttered open and I sat up. I didn't get dizzy or a headache. "How you feeling?" Luke asked. "A lot better." I said, stretching. I yawned a bit. I realized I was in my bed. "You slept all day yesterday. I tried to wake you up, but you wouldn't." He laughed. I rolled my eyes. I knew he was being sarcastic. I never sleep for more than 8 hours. He looked down at his feet for a moment. He knelt down beside my bed. "Want to get something to do?" He asked. "Hell ya!" I said. He smiled and helped me out if bed. "Leave so I can get dressed." I said. He nodded and left. I quickly threw on jean shorts, a tight black T-shirt and smiled at myself. Now to steal one of Luke's beanies, I thought. I walked out of the room and Luke was wearing one of his beanies. I grabbed it and put it on. "Mine now." I said. It completed the look. Luke took one look at me and licked his lips. "Ready? You look hungry." I said. "Ya, I'm craving a burger." He said. I laughed and we left. 

-2 Days Later-

Over the last 2 day, when ever we left the house, boys went after me, trying to get me home with them. Luke has been getting more and more protective and when ever I talked to a boy, wanting me or not, Luke would get protective and jealous. Tonight was the night of the concert and I was getting ready. I wore a crop top, barely showing anything, but it was loose; ripped skinny jeans; and low rise black sneakers. I brushed my long red hair and I never wore makeup. I walked out of my room and Luke was waiting. "Oh my god, you look... Look..." Luke started. I felt my cheeks get really warm. "You look amazing." He said. I smiled shyly. Luke and I got into the car and drove down. As we stood in the dancing crowd of screaming girls, Niall looked directly at me and winked. I felt my cheeks get warm and I smiled. Luke and I were suddenly separated. "Luke!" I tried to scream over the crowd. I could barely hear myself. I felt arms slip around my waist tightly and warm breath against my ear. I was about to scream, thinking it was a stranger, but I was wrong. "It's OK. I've got you." Luke said. He kept his arms tightly around me and rested his chin on my head. 

-After The Concert At Home-

"That was fun." I said. Luke smiled and took my hand. My cheeks got really warm. Warmer than when Niall winked at me. "Hey, Darian?" He asked. "Ya?" I asked. "I have a confession." He said. "What is it?" I asked as we walked through the front door. He stopped and looked at our hands. He grabbed my other hand as he turned both of us so we faced each other. He rubbed the back of my left hand with his thumb. He looked up into my eyes. My heart started to race. "Darian. I'm in love with you." He said. 

Luke's POV:

Her perfect eyes widened and her grip tightened on my hands. She hugged me and I could tell she was crying, but not out if pain. "You're pulling my leg, aren't you?" She asked. "No, I'm not." I said. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes. "So what is gonna happen between us?" I asked. She shrugged. "How about..." I trailed off as she looked at me expectantly. I smiled at her, making her blush and smile. I let go of her hands and grabbed her waist. I pinned her to a wall, my heart beating like a speeding train, and pressed my lips to hers passionately and forcefully. I was pressed up against her and her hands were glued to my shoulders. We were a bit heated, but I pulled away before we got too far. "Oh my god. That was amazing." She said. I chuckled. "I know something else that might be amazing." I said, smirking at her. "Dude, you know I'm a virgin." She said, stepping back. I laughed at her and pulled her back. "Come on, babe." I said. Her cheeks flushed red. I kissed her cheek. "I'm not gonna." She said. "I know. I know." I chuckled. I pressed my lips to hers and she smiled. "Can you cuddle with me?" I asked.

Darian's POV:

It felt right to be kissed by Luke. "Can you cuddle with me?" Luke asked. I smiled. "Of course!" I said. He smiled and took my hand. We walked back to the couch and sat down. Luke pulled me into his lap and I sat sideways. I leaned against his chest, snuggling into it. He wrapped his arms around me. "I love you, Darian." He whispered. I snuggled closer. "Stop talking. If you want to cuddle, we don't talk." I said. He chuckled and kissed the top of my head. 

-That Night-

I woke up with Luke laying in bed. His bed, curled up with his arms wrapped around me. He was tight around me and I was buried in his chest. I traced my fingers over his biceps. His eyes seemed to snap open at my touch. "Babe, that tickles." He said with a low, husky voice that made me have shivers. It sounded so sexy. "Luke, I'm hungry." I whined. "Babe, is that why you woke me up?" He asked. "No, I didn't mean to woke you up, but I just thought, since you were awake, I'd tell you." I giggled. "Babe, go back to sleep." He said. "No! I want to eat!" I whined. "Babe." He pleaded. "No!" I whined. "I've known you for so long and I never thought you could be so annoying." He said. "Tell you what, we get food and we can go back to bed." I said. "Tell YOU what. You kiss me and we can eat." He said, smirking. I giggled. I pressed my lips gently to his, but he pulled me closer. He pulled my face so close to his. He slid his hands down to my butt, grabbing it. We made out a little. We pulled away. We breathed heavily, looking into each other's eyes. "I love you." I breathed. "I love you, too." He breathed. We slammed our lips together, making out. "I. Fucking. Love. You!" He said between our kisses. We stopped and we stood up. "Why did I have to fall for a beautiful girl?" He asked. I giggled and he wrapped his arm around my waist as we headed downstairs. 

-After Eating-

Luke held me in his arms, hanging my head a bit as he spun around. I was screaming and laughing. "Luke! Stop!" I giggled. "Aww! But I love you too much to put you down!" He whined. "I thought you wanted to go back to bed!" I said as he stopped and brought me properly in his arms. "I did, but it's too late now." He said. I giggled and he pressed his lips to my forehead. He kissed my cheek next, then he pressed his lips to mine. "I'm gonna miss you not being home next week." He complained. "I know, but I'll miss you more." I said. He chuckled. "Doubt it." He said. I smiled. He put me down and held his head. "You alright?" I asked. "I... I think so. I just feel a bit diz..." He didn't finish before coughing. "Dizzy." He finished. He used the kitchen counter to lean against. "You're getting sick. You poor baby!" I said pitifully. I helped him up the stairs and laid him in bed. "Babe, I'm fine." He said with a dry voice. "No, you're not. You're sick." I said sternly. "What are you, my mom!?" He asked before coughing. "Maybe." I said and pressed my cheek to he's forehead. "Ya, you've got a high fever." I said, kissing his cheek. "I'll go get some medicine." I said. I started to stand up, but he grabbed my hand. "No, babe. Don't leave. I need you here. It'll make me feel better." He said. I giggled. "I want you to be better, so I'm gonna help." I said.

-That Later Night-

With a better feeling Luke sleeping next to me, I stared at the ceiling. I took care of Luke all day, running around to help out. I was so tired and now that I'm in bed, I can't sleep. I felt Luke shift off to my left where he was. "Babe, you OK?" He asked in a sexy, raspy voice. "Ya, just can't sleep." I replied. "Maybe a kiss will help." He said. "You're still sick and I don't wanna be sick again." I said. He pouted. I rolled my eyes and rolled onto my side. Luke slipped his arms around my waist, pulling me towards his chest. 

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