Sometimes, Dreams Do Become Reality

*Cassandra was no ordinary girl you see on the street. Even though she looked like one, there was more to her than that than you would ever think.*
"My name is Cassandra Dayton, but I go with Cassie. People would always overlook me as if they see me everyday. But I'm more than that, I can predict the future deaths. I get nightmares about them, and the next morning they pop up on the news. I'm alone. They want to kill me because I know who they will kill next. Sometimes, I wish this was a dream that didn't become reality."


1. Nightmare

I bolted into a sitting position on my bed, gasping for air. 'Not again!' I groaned inwardly. I crawled out of my coffin, A.K.A: My bed. I went to my desk and pulled out a drawer that contained all my journals. Recently I went to a therapist and told her all of my problems. She was really nice, but once I started talking, even the stupidest person in this world could tell she didn't believe a single word that came out of my mouth.

She tried to show me sympathy, and said, "I think that you will be able to pass this.... problem, by righting down what happens in you journals that you said you had before." And I agreed.

I opened up to the first page and stared writing:


My name is Cassi, and I have a problem. I problem you must be thinking, maybe its getting bullied. Yeah that's it! No. My problem is WAY worst than getting picked on by stupid Barbie wannabes and sports jocks. Actually, I'd prefer to be bullied, if that means this problem would disappear. You see my problem is hard to explain, yet simple at the same time.....  You would be thinking, how can that happen? Well... Every time I try to explain it to someone, they won't believe me! The only person that believes me is my best friend/roommate, Bri. The only reason that she does is because she can hear my screaming at night, and well...  It's on the news. How can it be on the news if no one believes you? And what is this problem anyway? You ask. Like I said before, my problem is hard to explain, so I'll make it be easier for me to explain, I'm going to write down my dream that happened, like...   Fifteen minutes ago:


"Happy birthday to you! You live in a zoo! You look like a monkey and you smell-" It was a girls sixth birthday. Everyone was singing the traditional happy birthday song. The girl was blowing out her six candles when gunshots were heard. A smoke bomb rolled in and for a few minutes there was only white smoke wherever you see, I heard more gunshots, sixteen in total. The smoke cleared and everyone, who were celebrating seven minutes ago, were all on the floor, motionless, dead. All but one, and that one was the newly six year old. She looked around with her eyes wide with fear. What she didn't see was a dark figure coming up from behind her. When the girl became aware of the shadow behind her, it was too late, the figure wrapped his arms around her and pressed a cloth to her nose and mouth. The girl lay limp in his arms, and the figure slipped into the darkness. I stood there, not able to move, but I knew this was a dream, a dream that's about to become reality.


That was my dream. You're like so what it's just a dream, it's not like it's going to become real or anything. Oh but you're wrong, dead wrong. My name is Cassandra Dayton, that means, every time I have a dream, it's bound to become true, good or bad...

But mostly bad.



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