I'm sorry that you lost your sight

Digte skrevet på engelsk. Alle digte er skrevet af mig, og jeg har ene og alene ejerskab over disse digte.
Jeg valgte at skrive dem på engelsk da jeg har stor kærlighed for sproget, og har et bedre ordforråd på engelsk (for det meste ihvertfald).
Tak hvis du vil læse dem!


4. The Little Girl Who Killed Herself

There’s a tombstone at the graveyard,
blank and grey,
waiting for my name to get engraved in it.
You bought a bouquet for me in the spring,
and I kept it locked tight,
hoping I could take them with me down under.
I had 43 pills in my inner pocket in my favorite jacket,
I lost them in December, and in January the flowers
had turned into dust.
I was going to jump in front of the train in February,
but my bones were too hollow to let me
get all the way to the station,
so in march I went to the graveyard instead,
and fell to rest on top of the newly engraved
spelling out my name in blood red colors.
In April you put a bouquet of roses for me,
and got your sister to drop them off at
the train station.
People forget me. I turned to bone,
finally as I wanted. I doubt you cried.  

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