I'm sorry that you lost your sight

Digte skrevet på engelsk. Alle digte er skrevet af mig, og jeg har ene og alene ejerskab over disse digte.
Jeg valgte at skrive dem på engelsk da jeg har stor kærlighed for sproget, og har et bedre ordforråd på engelsk (for det meste ihvertfald).
Tak hvis du vil læse dem!


3. My Bestfriend Died In My Arms

I haven’t seen you for a while.
You used to stand at my doorstep
With icecold fingers and bones that
Were breaking from all this cold.
I know its been December for 5 months,
because your nails and lips are always blue,
(like that scarf you gave me in second grade.)
You stopped coming to my house,
(You used to say that my house
was the only place you could breathe)
I heard about a funeral last week,
(I’m scared to go look)
I hope you know I miss you,
(I sit alone in school, I think of
you, but I cant remember your
I hope you have sun in your eyes,
not dirt under your nails,
or ashes in your eyes.
I hope December has passed.
I hope your bones have healed. 

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