I'm sorry that you lost your sight

Digte skrevet på engelsk. Alle digte er skrevet af mig, og jeg har ene og alene ejerskab over disse digte.
Jeg valgte at skrive dem på engelsk da jeg har stor kærlighed for sproget, og har et bedre ordforråd på engelsk (for det meste ihvertfald).
Tak hvis du vil læse dem!


6. Layers Of Hell

I have trouble with skies crashing and burning inside of me, I feel an ocean of you drowning me Thoughts of you pulling my joints apart and laughing over my broken heart. I want to be the strongest and the tallest, with a heavy heart that cant be touched. I am a drowning, out of touch, girl with no sense of humanity, and this hell of trying to reach anything is taking the life out of me I know you want me to be okay, well atleast you like to say that when youre drunk, and the pretty girl doesnt answer you. I know I am a second choice girl, a borrow alcohol from girl, a used up and washed out girl. I am different layers of hell, and my skin burns you and you hate my lips and my eyes that search your face for emotions. I am every idea of hell you have, and I know you dream of my burning body and my tombstone. I know you hate my talk of feelings and my love for you. I know I am hell to ignore, but well you are hell to love.

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