I'm sorry that you lost your sight

Digte skrevet på engelsk. Alle digte er skrevet af mig, og jeg har ene og alene ejerskab over disse digte.
Jeg valgte at skrive dem på engelsk da jeg har stor kærlighed for sproget, og har et bedre ordforråd på engelsk (for det meste ihvertfald).
Tak hvis du vil læse dem!


5. I Want My Bestfriend Back

I’ve heard that they locked you up in the hospital,
with feeding tubes and angry nurses.
I know you don’t understand why your parents cry so much, baby,
I know you don’t want me to write poems about you,
or tell the world how you fell apart before my eyes.
I remember how you used to laugh with your mouth filled
with chocolate biscuits and your eyes would light
up with joy.
I remember how you’d call me at 2 am because you
just got so drunk that you had to tell me right away
that your favorite show was better than mine.
I remember eating grapes on the school roof and
dreaming about getting out of that shithole town.
I remember how you stopped seeing me,
you started drinking your coffee black
even though you had always hated coffee
because it reminded you of your dead grandmother.
You started to ditch our movie nights for
drinking pure vodka with a health freak you
met on the internet.
I saw you disappear,
and I tried to pull you away,
but your hands were so cold that
I couldn’t hold on to them.
You shrinked into death,
and I cried when I heard you were,
starting to go to the gym.
We used to say we hated exercise,
and now you run for an hour and
count the numbers of everything.
I cant see you for your thin, long hair
hanging over your bony face.
I know you don’t understand why your parents cry, baby,
but I do. I understand why they cry, because I do too.

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