One Direction Imagines


1. Hiking Accident -Harry

Imagine Harry Styles

Imagine: One day you went hiking with a friend for a while. You tried to jump over the dry creek, but the hill was wet and made you slip. You rolled down it and landed on rocks and thorns. Your friend helped you back home. Her mum was a nurse so she helped you. Your leg was all scratched up. Your friend called Harry. He rushed there to pick you up. “Y/N what happened?!?” He said as he helped you in the car. “Bigfoot pushed me!” You said joking. Harry laughed. “For real Y/N what happened!” He said trying not to smile. “I just slipped down a hill. All I hurt was my leg that’s it. And I’m not worried because your here now to nurse me back to health.” Harry smirked.”I love you Y/N!” He said looking at you with those green eyes. You smirked and said ” I know and I love you too!!”

Hope you enjoyed I take requested. :)

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