All Bad

*Sequal To Fall*



This is saying what has happened between the chapters.

1. Kayla and her Mom went to court. Her mom gets charged with Child Neglection and Verbal Abuse. She doesn't go to jail because Kayla says that's unfair to Kayden who hasn't done anything.

2. Kayla and Justin had a meeting with a judge and the judge said that they can play around with each other but "Jerry" can't meet "Tom" until Kayla is sixteen so they would have known each other for 10 years but it's Kayla choice if she wants too.

3. They go to the "girl" doctor to make sure everything is okay and Justin is in there with her which makes her embarressed. That gets a lot of headlines and attention.

4. Kayla thinks something is up with Justin because he has been distant with her and she doesn't know how to address him about it.

5. Kayla has opened a couple of Justin's shows if somebody got sick and filled in for dancers if anyone has gotten injured.

Comment the number if you want a chapter on any if these events.

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