All Bad

*Sequal To Fall*


11. Chapter 8- Missing You

Justin's P.O.V.

May 28, 2013

It's been seven days since she left; and honestly I've been getting worse. I don't even know why I cheated on her with a worthless girl who was addicted to sex. I'm ashamed of myself.

The crew hasn't really been talking to me. I don't blame them. What I did was wrong. When I ask them how she's doing they say she is doing good and is working on stuff.

Between the two of us there has been no communication. I'm not suprised; what I said was way too far. She hasn't tweeted or posted anything on instagram. I always check when I get the chance. I haven't tweeted either. I know my fans are getting worried but I can't help it. I feel like I have no happiness in my life.

I always wonder if I was holding her back from things she always wanted to do. By now she could've had another album out and be planning a tour. But instead of doing that she stayed with me for support and all I did was treat her like trash.

I wish I could've gone back in time and tell her I love her. Why didn't tell her when I had the chance?

Right now I just got off stage and I'm walking to my tour bus. I walked past Fredo's room and heard him talking to somebody. The voice that responded was all too familiar. The voice belonged to the beautiful Kayla Winters who I was lucky to once upon a time call mine. I pressed my ear up against the door.

(F: Fredo K: Kayla)

~~~~~~Their Conversation~~~~~~

F: So how are you doing?

K: I'm better than I was

F: Where are you staying at now?

K: I'm in Pittsburg right now.... I've been doing competitions all week

F: Still on your winning streak?

K: Of course... I'm too fabu for them

The both of them laughed.

K: So how is he?

F: Honestly he's worse

She didn't respond.

F: Aww babygirl don't cry.... what's wrong?

K: I've always been scared that one day I'm going to lose him to the fame.... It's starting to happen.... I don't want to lose him.... people say that he needs to change so he can fit into a certain image.... but he really doesn't..... right now he's just making some bad decisions.... everybody goes through it in their life.... he's a little lost... all I wanted was for him to be honest with me...

F: What about him going out and being with that girl?

K: If he would've said I'm going out for the night and probably won't be back by morning I wouldn't of cared... but he felt the need to sneak around... him with that other girl is still a little numb... he could've told me he wasn't happy... I don't know... if I saw her I would most likely have the urge to fight her... but I still love him

F: Okay... I'm gonna let you go now since it's late there. Love you be safe

K: Love you too tell everybody I said hi and I love them even him

F: Okay bye.

K: Bye

~~~~~~End of Conversation~~~~~~

I walked back to my room and stripped down to my boxers then laid down on my bed. I picked up my phone and went through my contacts until I got to her name. It was still the same.. My Babygirl. I clicked on it and on the fourth ring she picked up.

Kayla's P.O.V.

I had just got out of the shower when my phone ringed. I looked at the screen and saw that it was Justin. It's time to talk I guess.

(J: Justin K: Kayla)

J: Hello?

K: Hey

J: I miss you

K: I miss you too

J: So uh... how are you doing?

K: Can we please not make this awkward... we both know what happened... we can't take it back... it's fine

J: Remember that pact we made the day we started dating?

K: Yeah the f that said ni matter what happens to our relationship we would stay best friends

J: Is that still up? I mean I will understand if you don't want to talk to me ever aga-

K: Yes Justin; I'll always be your best friend

J: Okay I'll let you go now

K: Alright

J: Goodnight I love you

K: Goodnight Justin

Justin's P.O.V.

After I got off the phone I felt a lot better. I have been trying to talk to her all weak. It didn't sound like she totally hates me but everything was definitely not back to normal.

I grabbed my laptop and typed in the search Kayla Winters. A bunch of dance videos came up. They were Telling Myself, Piece of My Heart, This is Me Over You, Uphill Battle, What Now, Leaving Berlin, and Silence. I wonder why she hasn't told me about this. An article says that every one of these were winning routines and she qualifies for Nationals and if she wins Nationals then she can go onto Worlds. Listening to the lyrics I could tell they were all about me.

I turned on the tv and saw that the TMZ crew were talking about Kayla.

"Is it the end of the famous Hollywood power couple? Will the two make it back together soon. Jayla has not been spotted recently. Sources say that the couple split. Kayla was seen walking into the airport in tears early in the morning. Another source says that the two of them are not back together but are talking and will remain best friends as of now. As you know, Bieber is still on his Believe tour but in the meanwhile Kayla has been on the dance floor. She is undefeated and is on her way for a national win. Do you want Jayla to get back together? Go on our website and vote"

I went to the website and voted yes. I saw that 98.7% wanted us back together.

I want her. I need her. I'm going to get her back. It may not be tommorrow or this year; but I am going to get her to be mine.

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