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9. Chapter 6- Distance

I'm going to make the chapters shorter so I'll be able to upload more instead of taking a whole week to upload one long chapter.I don't have an updating schedule it's just going to be random.


Kayla's P.O.V.

May 20, 2013

This morning I woke up to see that Justin wasn't beside me. I went into the kitchen and toasted a bagel putting some butter on top then got a bowl of strawberries. I walked back into my room and opened the laptop. I went on youtube and watched videos until I was done eating.

After I went into the bathroom brusing my teeth. I got my Clean & Clear pomergranate morning burst face cleanser and applied it to my face. I rubbed it in then washed it off. I slipped on my black jeans and grey long sleeve shirt. Overtop I put a white sleeveless motor jacket on and my black combat boots. I fixed my hair into it's usually style and began thinking.

Again... Justin has been partying with his friends everyday. I see it on the news about the girls he hangs out with and what he's doing inside the clubs. It's starting to hurt a little bit. The only time I get to see him is on tv, on stage, or if I wake up in the middle of the night and he's there. In the morning he's already gone and doesn't come back until two o'clock in the morning. The crew and beliebers are starting to get worried about him and the way he's been acting.

Right now I'm on the tour bus with Fredo and Kenny. Everybody else is in the arena practicing except for Justin of course because is with his friends. I don't mind Za because he's not the one getting Justin in trouble but Twist has got to go. He always pressure Justin into doing something dangerous or illegal. And you know Justin being the cool guy he wants to be goes along with it.

"Are you alright Kay?" Fredo asked.

"Yeah; I'm just thinking about somethings" I answered.

"Tell us what's on your mind. We'll help you out" Kenny comforted.

"No guys it's cool; it's not that serious.... if I need help I'll come to you guys" I said.

"Alright" They sighed.

For the rest of the time on the bus the two of them played on the xbox and I was looking through twitter doing a following spree. When I hit the limit I started favoriting, retweeting, and replying to my fans. It was so funny seeing their freak out tweets.

(MADE UP NAMES; tweets replied too)

"@believerxoxo: @kaylawinters I love you so much"

"@kaylawinters: I love you a thousand times more boo 😘 @believerxoxo"

"@dreamsforever: PLEASEEEE NOTICE ME @kaylawinters"

"@kaylawinters: I see you😁 @dreamsforever"

"@mrkaylawinters: Hey baby whens our honeymoon @kaylawinters"

"@kaylawinters: soon hubby @mrkaylawinters"

It was 8:15 and Justin was still not here to go on stage. He has to be on in 15 minutes still needing to be hooked up on the wings and the microphone. He came rushing in the door running straight to his dressing room. Luckily his hair was already done from him going out all day. He got hooked up and went out on stage.

I picked out the One Less Lonely Girl from the top level in the last row. She was very surpised I would say.

At the end of the concert Justin came off stage and everybody patted his back congradulating him on a successful concert.

"Thank you" He panted.

"But next time you need to be here on time. You can't keep your beliebers waiting" Scooter lectured.

"Whatever" Justin said making me roll my eyes.

He is so rude lately. He took a shower and got dressed. We had to wait another hour for the fans to clear up enough for us to go out. I went first on Kenny's back rushed to the bus. When I got on I looked at the time and saw it was 11:23 at night. Justin came in and went straight to the room.

Tonight Pattie and I were going to have a girls night since besides the dancers we were the only girls. I went into our room to see Justin underneath the covers.

I picked out black pajama shorts with red hearts and a red tanktop. I went to the bathroom and stripped out of my clothes and turned on the water setting it to the perfect temperature. I climbed in letting the water relax my muscles. I stood fully under the water. I grabbed my coconut scented shampoo applying it into my hair then repeating that again before applying my deep conditioner so I can let it stay in for a while the got strawberry body wash and scrubbed everywhere. I rinsed out the conditioner.

I stepped out the shower and wrapped the towel around myself drying off then putting on my clothes and deoderant. I brushed out my hair with a wide tooth comb and wrapped it into a towel. I brushed my teeth the rubbed blistex on my lips for moisture. I threw my clothes into my dirty clothes suitcase zipping it up then went into the "living room" where Pattie already had all the snacks out and movie about to play.

We sat down watching the Titanic and eating chocolate, ice cream, and other junk food. When the movie was over we gave each other mani-pedi's and they turned out pretty good. We also made an avocado face mask then cut up cucumbers to put on our eyes. Even though I couldn't see I took a picture of us and uploaded it to my twitter and instagram captioning the same thing.

"@kaylawinters: Girls night with @pattiemallette"

I went on the jaylabieberlove page and saw that we hadn't uploaded anything for three weeks. I scrolled through my camera roll and got an old photo of Justin with Jayla sleeping and posted it.

"Aren't they the cutest? ~Kayla"

Before posting it I made sure that there were no differences between that Justin and right now Justin.

After all that fun stuff Pattie decided to go to bed. Since I was the only one up I decided to just play on my phone. I turned the brightness and volume of the tv down then turned the brightness of my phone down. After twenty minutes Justin came out of his room fully dressed wearing all black and I faked sleep keeping my eye slightly opened. He lightly smiled at my 'sleeping' body and walked towards me.

"Sweet dreams my sleep beauty" He whispered above me and softly kissed my cheek thinking I was sleep.

He cautiously walked towards the door and was about to open it. I reached my hand to the light switch and flicked it on. He jumped and turned around looking shocked. You my friend have just got caught.

"And just where do you think your going at four in the morning" I asked.

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