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*Sequal To Fall*


6. Chapter 5- Kayla's Birthday



Kayla's P.O.V.

May 3, 2013

So today is my BIRTHDAY!!!! Right now I'm going to school and Alfredo is dropping me off for my normal schedule. I went to my locker and got the books I needed then went to Language Arts. When I walked in some of the people looked up but I guess most of then were used to me coming in late. I got the packet of work that I had missed yesterday because of my

photoshoot and the work for today. After that I went to math class and sat down next to Alec and Maya.

We were doing a project were you had to had two partners and would have to plan a carnival. It was not that hard. My partners were of course Maya and Alec. The two of them finished there part in the first period which was 40 minutes and I decided I was going to do mine later. After adding a whole bunch pictures and transitions we were just sitting around talking.

To: My Babygirl❤️❤️

Hey birthday girl!!!🎁🎉🎊, I can't wait to see you it feels like I haven't held you in my arms in like FOREVER...we're picking you up from school. You can invite some of your friends over because our flight isn't until 10 if you want to have a little party <3

To: Juju <3

Hi Jay...... I'm looking forward to seeing you too! I miss you so much!It's just going to be Alec, Maya, Alex, and Brooke anyway. Can you put my laptop in the car?

To: My Babygirl❤️❤️

I miss you so much too! It's unbelievable. I can put your laptop in the car. I got to go now..... Scooter's hounding about for my phone. Bye Beautiful❤️

To: Juju<3

Bye Boo❤️

"You guys are coming over later. Justin's picking you guys up along with Alex and Brooke" I stated.

"Ok" They agreed.

"Is he acting better?" Alec asked.

"Yeah, he still parties some nights but now he'll call me and tell me he's on his way home or text me during it just to check up on me" I answered.

"When did he start doing that?" Maya questioned.

"Like two weeks ago, Fredo told me that Justin thought we were distant to each other and he was worried about me and that same night Justin was being very affectionate and always softly kissing my cheek and we just talked about things but that subject never came up it was like things were back to normal" I replied.

"Has he ever tried to hurt you?" Alec wondered.

"No, never" I gasped in shock. Why would he ask that, Justin would never do that.

"Just checking. If he ever did I would have to punish that sexy ass of his" Alec said with a dirty smirk playing on his face putting his hands up in defense. My eyes widened.

"ALEC" I almost shouted slapping him in his arm.

"What? I'm just saying" He shrugged while I just shook my head.

At the end of the day Justin came into my science class again with Kenny. I put the stuff I didn't need away which was pretty much everything because it was Friday except I needed my flashdrive and folder with all of the work I needed to make-up. We went to all of my friends classrooms getting them out. Most if the girls in the other classrooms had never seen Justin so they would be crying and ran up to him to give him a hug.

After Kenny signed us all out we had a competition to see who could get to the car first by skipping. Alec won but seeing Kenny skip was probably one of the funniest things you'll ever see. We drove to my cousin Leigh Anne's house because that's where I stay when I'm in Jersey and that's also where my Grandma stays. I very rarely go to the house I grew up in because my "mother" is there and she still hasn't said a word to me since Thanksgiving. Also, I know that Leigh will take care of my Grandma. We piled out the car and Justin opened the house and stood at the door waiting for me. When I walked up to him he was frozen and looked shocked.

"What's wrong Jay?" I asked looking at him.

"Alec just squeezed my butt" He answered.

All I could do is burst out in laughter. This was a funny day. Justin looked so serious so I tried to stop laughing but I couldn't it was simply to funny.

"I'm....sorry Jus....but funny" I said while trying to catch my breath.

"No it wasn't" He whined.

"Really?" I questioned.

"Mhmm" He hummed nodding his head.

I walked closer to him and wrapped my arms around his lower back laying my head on his chest and he put his hands inside my back pockets on my jeans resting his head on top of mine. I slowly slid my hands down to his butt and squeezed it. He jumped a little bit letting out a moan but pulled our bodies closer letting our crotches touch. I did it again and he moved his head onto my shoulder with his lips barely touching my neck making me shiver.

"Do you like me doing this to you" I whispered in his ear.

"Mhmm" He mumbled.

Then I felt him lightly smack my butt before rubbing his hands over it. He kept doing this over and over again before just kneading my butt in his hands. He kissed from my collar bone to behind my ear then lightly nibbled on my earlobe.

"You have a nice firm ass babydoll" He said in my ear still kneading it.


I pulled away from Justin and walked away slapping his butt in the process. Justin then ran over to me picking me up bridal style. We all ran to the couch and I sat up Justin's lap. We were watching The Little Mermaid!! During the movie I noticed everyone crying expect Jay when the prince was drowning.

After the movie we all headed to the kitchen. I opened the cabinets and it was filled with junk foods and in the freezer there was all sorts of ice cream. It was amazing. Everyone pulled out what they wanted and we all sat around the table just eating and talking. I, of course, was sitting on Justin.

I felt my phone buzzed in my pocket before I turned off the ringer. I felt it vibrate making me jump slightly on Justin's lap. I unlocked my phone and saw that I had a lot of birthday tweets.

"@kaylawinters: Thank you guys for wishing my a happy birthday #TurnUp"

I leaned over the table grabbing a strawberry out of the container before sitting back on Justin's lap slouching on him. I dipped it in chocolate before turning around to him. After he took a bite I bit the rest of it and looked at him lips. He had some on the corner of his mouth. I slowly licked it off and I felt him shift underneath me.

"Baby stop teasing" He growled in my ear.

"I'm not" I said innocently not knowing that I was doing that to him.

I turned back facing everyone else and purposely slowing grinded myself onto Justin. His grip on my hips tightened and he pulled me to his chest more and pressed on my thighs wanting me to add more pressure but instead I stopped. He groaned and got up excusing himself.

~~~~~~~~10 minutes later~~~~~~~~

Justin still hasn't came down. Told them that I was going to check up on him. I put my ear to the bathroom door and heard slight groaning.

"Jay? Are you okay in there?" I asked.

"Uhh f-f-fine b-baby" He stuttered out while groaning.

I looked behind me to see if anyone was there and no one was. I quietly opened the door and saw Justin holding himself. His head was leaned back, his eyes tightly closed, and his mouth was in the was apart like an 'o'. Not noticing I was there he kept stroking himself. I quickly took a picture on my phone saving it to a personal album. When I closed the door his eyes shot open and he stopped scrambling to pull up everything.

I grabbed his arm stopping him from pulling up his boxers.

"Don't stop. Continue what you were doing" I encourage.

He looked hesitant and I lightly nodded grabbing his hand putting it back where it was. I sat on the chair across from him and watched him.

At first he started off slowly and I moaned at the sight of him. This triggered him to go faster and he returned to the position he was in before when I opened the door. I silently walked to him and sucked on his sweet spot making him moan even more. When I new he was about to release I sat infront of him taking over. I put the head into my mouth and stroking the rest of it. I grabbed one of the mouth wash cups and when he came I aimed it into the cup. When he was done. I cleaned him up and he was satisfied.

"I'm going to put this over top of my ice cream" I whispered in his ear. I kissed his lips and went back downstairs.

"Is he okay?" They asked.

"Yeah, he said that his stomach was starting to hurt a little bit" I lied. I saw him come down and scooped myself some ice cream. I poured his cum all over the top and took a spoonful turning to face him eating it all. He stared at me with lustful eyes. At 9 everyones parent came to pick them up and Jay and I went to the airport. We were going to Japan were the rest of the crew was. It was going to be a 15 hour flight.


Justin's P.O.V.

When we boarded the plane I noticed that Kayla was already sleeping. I picked her up and took her to the bedroom laying her on the bed. I took off her shoes, jeans and shirts then put one of my old shirts on her. Then I took out her ponytail. I took off everything and slid into bed next to her. I got my phone out of my jean pocket and texted Kenny.

To: Fredo

Is everything there okay?

From: Fredo

Yeah...we're just waiting for you guys to get here

To: Fredo

We just took off.... a hour into the flight

From: Fredo

Alright....get some rest

To: Fredo

K....see ya

From: Fredo


I turned on the remote and Jayla came and jumped on the bed laying next to Kay. She scooted away from me and wrapped her arms around Jayla instead placing a kiss on her head. WHY JAYLA WHY? Everytime Jayla is around, Kayla just can't get enough of her and pays more attention to her than me. Jayla cuddled herself on Kayla chest and it looks like she felt asleep too. I took a picture of the them and put it on MY instagram.

"@justinbieber: She tired and cuddling with Jayla..... hope she ready to turn up later #BirthdayGirl #AllMine"

I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep.

~~~~~Skipping Rest of Flight~~~~~

When we got in the airport it was crowded. I made sure to put Kayla infront of me and held onto her tightly. The two of us quickly rushed through the airport and to the last exit where the car was and when she opened the door she saw her first suprise.

"Mom-Mom!" She squealing jumping in her arms.

"Happy Birthday Pinky" She said.

They haven't seen each other in 3 weeks and I knew that was killing her. She needs her Grandma. The whole way to the hotel catching up on all their gossip that they do together.

When we got to the hotel, there was a lot of fans waiting outside. When I opened the door they started screaming and Kenny escorted Mom-Mom inside so she was safe. When Kayla got out the car they screamed;


She grinned and took pictures and gave autographs to all of the people that she could reach. The crowd started getting rowdy and were pushing against the gate so the security rushed her into the room on the side of the hotel lobby where we all were. Once the crowd was calmed down enough we quickly went through the lobby to our hotel room. Kay and I were sharing one and we had a joint door to Mom-Mom's since Kayla is very protective of her.

"Hey baby, were going out to dinner in a little while; it's nothing fancy" I said grabbing her waist pulling her to me.

"Okay well I'm going to go get ready then" She replied giving me a soft kiss on the cheek then getting out of my grasp.

She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I went into our suitcases and color coordinated our outfit together. I picked out for Kayla, red jeans, white v-neck, and denim vest with white vans. For I picked out white jeans, red v-neck, and denim vest with red Supra's. I knocked on the bathroom door and gave Kay her clothes. She closed the door again. I changed in our room and fixed my hair putting it in a quiff. When she walked out she smiled and spun around model her clothes for me. Then she did her model walk until she got in front of me then she started laughing hysterically. I loved this Kayla. She fell into my arms and tried to calm herself down.

Once she was calm, I turned on some music and we started dancing around the hotel room singing to each other. When the song was over I saw my Mom standing at the door recording us smiling. I immediately grabbed Kayla and hid my face into her hair. We went through the back door and made it safely to the car. On the way to the restaurant Kay was just cuddled up on my side. It was just adorable.

We had already made reservations and had a table in the back room. It was just for special events and occasions. Kayla was at the head on the table and I was on her left and Mom-Mom was on her right. Kay ordered shrimp and broccoli with shrimp fried rice. I got some kind of shrimp sushi rolls. I held her hand with my right. Since she's right handed and I'm left handed we can hold hands with out it being a problem which is good.

~~~~~~~~Marie's P.O.V.~~~~~~~~


The two of them look so in love. I noticed every once in awhile Justin would kiss her cheek or hand and whisper things into her ear making her giggle. Justin put their hand on the table and even when they were engaged into other conversations. Justin had his thumb caressing the top of her hand. When the food came they tasted each other's giving a kiss after each bite.

"Isn't that amazing?" Pattie whispered to me talking about Justin and Kayla.

"It sure is" I responded.

"They look so in love yet they don't even know it yet" Pattie said.

"I want them together for a long time" I replied.

"I do too" Pattie agreed.

Before we cut the cake we asked if anybody wanted to make a speech about Kayla. Of course Justin wanted to.

"Well first I wanna say happy birthday to you; you're the most beautiful person ever besides my Mommy and Mom-Mom. Your so lazy but it's too cute. Your kind, smart, beautiful, pretty, strong, sassy, humble, perfect personality and hair and eyes and kissable cheeks just everything about you is perfect. I'm happy to gotten to know you and I'm so lucky to be your boyfriend. I get to feel your soft kisses and warm hugs. So before I start rambling on I just want to say overall you are the most amazing person ever" Justin said then sat down.

Everyone awed at them and Kayla gave him a little kiss. When they brought out the cake and Kayla moved to Justin's lap. She's done that every year since she was seven. We all sang happy birthday to her as loud and obnoxiously as possible. Fredo got everything on video then she blew out her candles. While we were eating cake Kay opened her presents. Justin got Kayla a locket that on one side it had a photo of them with Jayla and the other side was a photo of them kissing from the pictures they take every morning. She kissed him and had him put it on her. After everybody was finished we left back to the hotel.

~~~~~~~~ Kayla's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~

We all went into the elevator and went to our hotel rooms. I made sure to thank everyone once again for everything.

"Goodnight Pinky" My Mom-Mom said.

"Night Mom-Mom" I said giving her a hug and kiss on the forehead.

"Goodnight Jus" She said hugging him.

"Night Grandma" He responded kissing her cheek.

When we got inside the room I changed into one of Jay's shirts and climbed in bed. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed in hovering over top of me. He leaned down kissing me passionately. I returned it before his arms gave up in him and he fell on top of me. Instead now he straddled my waist and I rolled us over. He put his hands on my cheeks holding my face and I deepened the kiss even more. His hands slightly trailed underneath my shirt until he was holding my waist. He gained control once again and flipped us over to he was on top. He started leaving trails of kisses and little bites down my neck until he reached my sweet spot. I felt my body go weak and I didn't have any control; the only thing I could do was grip Justin's hair. He pulled off my shirt leaving my bare chest to his greedy eyes. Next, he grabbed my breast in his hands gently massaging them. Then, he put his mouth around my nipple and sucked on it making me arch my back in pleasure.

"Ohhh....Jay" I whispered breathlessy.

"I got you" He mumbled back.

Then he repeated this action with the other. When he was done nibbled and sucking all over the exposed skin that stopped at my underwear line; he laid down beside me.

"Was that too much?" He asked.

In reply I just shook my head. I laid my head down on his chest and was about to fall asleep.

"Wait, let's put your shirt back on you so your not cold" Justin said because I was shivering in his arms.

He slid the shirt on me and wrapped his arms around me. He said goodnight giving me a kiss on the forehead waiting for me to fall asleep. The last thing I saw was him smiling and playing with my hair before took over me.

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