All Bad

*Sequal To Fall*


5. Chapter 4- Girls Day Out

Kayla's P.O.V.

April 26, 2013

Ever since Justin's party he has been going out a lot more partying. I don't mind him going out because he's nineteen and I know he wants to have fun but when he comes home he smells weird. The only time I see him is in the morning and sometimes at night. Today I'm going out with the girls and Alec. I got up and got dressed in light pink jeans, baby blue tank top, grey cardigan and light pink vans and went downstairs. I saw that Justin was asleep on the couch from coming in late last night. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl putting fruit loops in it then went to my study room. Jayla came and crawled into my lap. I went on my laptop going on all the social media sites. I heard the car outside and grabbed my phone and sweater running outside. I didn't bother leaving Justin a note because he doesn't leave me one and just leaves so I can do the same. In the car there was Chloe, Maya, Alec, Selena, and Pattie.

"Hey guys" I squealed hugging them each.

"Hey Kayla" they said back.

"What's the plan for today?" I asked.

"We're just going to do whatever we feel like really" Pattie answered.

"Well let's go to the mall first" I demanded.

Pattie drove us to the mall talking to Selena who was in the passanger seat. The rest of us sat together talking. When we got to the mall we quickly rushed in. The first place we went was the sneaker store. I got a new pair of white vans since Jayla peed on the other ones. Zebra striped, rainbow cheetah print, and tiger printed vans. That all cost $230.25.

Once we were out of there I went to JCPenny's with Alec. I grabbed a bunch of v-necks, sweaters, vests, leggings, jeans, and sweatpants. Alec came into the fitting room with me putting together outfits and having me try them on. I didn't mind changing in front of him because he's gay and he would see the same amount of skin as if I were in a bikini. I decided that I wanted all of those clothes and stood in line. I had so much clothes that Alec and I both had our hands and arms full. The total amount was $476.34. I didn't think that was bad for all the clothes I had gotten.

The next store we went to was Victoria Secret. I got bras, panties, perfumes, shirts, yoga pants/shorts, and sweatshirts. I paid $523.86 there.

Next I left Alec and went with Chloe to the dance store. We picked a whole new collection of shorts, bandeaus and sports bra. We also bought new tap, jazz, ballet, half sole, footundeez, and pointe shoes. I covered mine and Chloe's so it was $210.75. So overall during this trip to the mall I spent $1,441.20.

We put all of our bags in the car and headed off to eat. It was between lunch and dinner. We arrived at the Cheesecake Factory. I got a bacon cheeseburger and fries with strawberry lemonade. We all ate decided to go to the spa. Everyone was getting massages, facials, and mani-pedis. While we were getting our toes done I went on instagram and took a picture of my feet putting it on my PERSONAL instagram.

"@kaylawinters: Girls Day Out"

Then I went on twitter scrolling through my news feed. I tweeted:

"@kaylawinters: Spending the day with some of my favorite girls #GNO"

Just then my phone beeped telling me that I had a text message. It was from Justin.

To: My Babygirl❤️❤️

Enjoy the rest of your day beautiful

To: Juju<3


That was the end of that conversation. No hearts or anything.

"Who was that?" Selena wondered.

"Justin" I responded.

"So Kay, how's the relationship going?" Pattie asked making everyone looked at me.

"It's okay" I answered not looking up.

"Whats wrong?" Selena asked.

"I don't know....He's been partying every night and very distant. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong" I sighed.

"I'm sure he will open up to you soon cause he always does" Chloe comforted me.

"And if he doesn't I'll beat his ass" Maya smirked.

"Let's not talk about it. Today is suppose to be fun" I said changing the topic.

For the rest of the time we talked about what fashions we thought were going to come out or come back this summer so we knew what to be prepared. Even Alec got a pedicure, massage and facial expect he didn't get any color on his toes just clear code. They dropped me off at home first and Alec came with me.

"Bye guys! I really had a lot of fun" I said getting my bags out the back of the truck.

We walked up the driveway and I saw that his car wasn't there. I unlocked the door and Jayla came running at my feet. I leaned down giving her a kiss on her head and walked upstairs with Alec and Jayla following. I organized all my drawers and put everything away. I then went into my personal room and laid on my bed.

In our house we have our room together then our seperate rooms for when friends or family come over. So really the only people that get to come in our room is Jay and I and Jayla. Alec came and laid down next to me.

"Are you usually home by yourself" He asked.

"Lately I have been" I responded.

"When does he get home?" He said.

"Around three or four and ends up passing out on the couch" I replied.

I grabbed the remote putting on some random movie. I changed into grey sweatpants and a pink crop top. I laid down beside Alec and we got underneath the covers. He both took out our phones and took selfies with each other. I uploaded the one of me with my eyes crossed and tongue sticking out and Alec laughing.

"@kaylawinters: Spending my night with the one of the best people ever"

He wrapped his arm around my stomach. I looked at the clock and saw that it was already eleven. I slowly fell asleep praying that Justin would be here in the morning and he would be okay.

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