All Bad

*Sequal To Fall*


4. Chapter 3- Justin's Birthday Surprise


Justin's P.O.V.

March 1, 2013

So today is my birthday! I'm in London and the first person to call me was Kayla. She told me that she couldn't make it until tomorrow because of the snowstorm and the airports weren't letting any planes out. I told her that I understood even though I was disappointed I would rather have her safe than hurt. I heard a knock on the door before it opened.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JB!!!, we're going out for breakfast! Everybody's waiting in the lobby for you" Fredo announced walking into the room.

"Thanks man" I said getting up from the bed.

We walked down the stairs because elevators aren't my strongest point. When we got downstairs everyone screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" at the same time. I thanked everyone and gave them hugs. We walked outside to get into the car. There were some fans outside and I took some pictures with them. I got into the car and Kenny drove off to breakfast. Aftrr we all ordered I went in twitter while waiting for our food to come. I happy a crazy unbelievable amount of tweets telling me happy birthday. I tweeted:

"@justinbieber: Thanks for all the birthday wishes #loveMyBeliebers"

The waiter came with the food and we all ate sometimes having small conversations. Once we were done we went back to the hotel and inside my room I saw Lil Za and Lil Twist.

"Aye! Happy Birthday Man" They greeted me.

"Wassup guys?" I said sitting down on the couch.

"Came here to turn up with you bro" Twist answered.

"What do you guys want to do cause we have a long time until we go out" I asked.

"Lets just stay inside and do what comes to mind but first let's talk" Za said.

"About what?" I wondered.

"You" Twist said.

"What about me?" I replied.

"How's your relationship going" They asked.

"Good, I mean we haven't seen each other in a while but we skype each other and text and call. I miss her a hella lot though" I answered.

"Oh..... where is she?" Za wondered.

"There's a snowstorm in Jersey and they aren't letting planes out" I sighed.

"Sorry bro but has anything happened in your relationship" Twist said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Like sexually.... I mean she's only about to turn tweleve" He replied.

"The farthest we've gone was making out. One time it got a little out of hand and we started taking off some clothes but she stopped us before anything could really happen. But I haven't touch her sexually and she hasn't touched me" I answered him.

"That's not what Fredo said" Za smirked.

"What he say?" I half-shouted.

"He said that at Kayla's welcome party you guys got drunk and you sucked on her nipples and kiss her part and she kiss the top of Jerry" He laughed.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US" Twist shouted hitting the back of my head.

"I didn't think it was important" I yelled back.

"I didn't know Kayla had that in her" Za said.

"Trust me....... she has more in her than you would think" A dirty smirk played on my face.

For the next couple hours we sat in the hotel room and played on the xbox. Fredo knocked on the door telling me that we were leaving in an hour. I jumped in the shower and washed then just stood in there just thinking about everything. When I got out I put on black jeans,white shirt, tan cardigan and black supras. I brushed my teeth once more then put on my gold chain and watch grabbing my snapback heading out the door.

Kayla's P.O.V.

I just landed and hopped off the plane in London. I was going to suprise Jay. I saw a long line of fans and paparazzi outside of the airport. They all started taking pictures but we ran to the car as fast as possible. I knew there was going to be people there and I didn't want Justin to know I was here. On the way to the hotel I texted Jay.

To: Juju <3

Hey babe! Have fun at your party! I'll see you as soon as I can!

From: Juju <3

Heeey babygirl!!! I won't have as much fun without you but I'll try! See you soon baby<3

We arrived at the hotel and I called Fredo to make sure that he wasn't there. I went into Justin's room and changed into a long sleeve black dress tht stopped mid-thigh, and blue and black lace wedge sneakers. I straightened my hair so it was more a sexier look. For my face I applied a carmel colored eyeshadow and a very thin line in eyeliner. I put two coats of mascara and some nude lipgloss on. I grabbed my blue clutch an walked back to the car. When we got to the club I spotted Justin and slowly walked up behind him. I saw Twist's eyes get big but I put my finger on my lips signaling not to say anything. I wrapped my arms around Justin and kissed the back of his neck swaying us from side to side. He jumped really quickly and turned around facing me.

"KAY" he yelled hugging me.

"What are you doing here?" He said in surprise.

"I wanted to suprise you" I shrugged.

"Well you did..... wow, you look so beautiful and your hair oh my your so perfect" He rambled on.

I leaned up and connected my lips to his. He returned the favor and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. We kept at this speed until somebody decided to interupt.

"OOOH!! JUSTIN GET SOME" Za yelled making us break apart.

I walked away leaving Justin with his friends and went to hang out with Madison and Jaden. The three of us were dancing on the dance floor. A fast paced song came on and somebody came behind me and pulled me to them so my butt was touch there crotch. I looked behind me and saw Justin so I slowly started swaying my hips. Then the beat dropped.

"Grind baby" He whispered.

We were on the floor dancing and we knew everyone was watching but we really couldn't care less. I heard whistling and Justin's groans in my ear. When we started getting tired we went over to the bar. We each got a two shots not wanting to go overboard. Justin started opening gifts and everyone realized that he didn't get mine.

"HEY KAYLA!!! WHAT'S JUSTIN'S GIFT?" Fredo, Twist, and Za yelled.

"Something ya'll ain't got in a long time" I shouted back making everyone laugh.

Jay and I drove back to the hotel and rushes into the room. When we got inside he pulled me into the bedroom. I pushed him onto the bed and he kicked off his shoes and I did the same. I slowly crawled on top off him feeling the bottom of my dress rise up but I really couldn't care if he could me my underwear. I slowly kissed him and he immediatley brought his hands to my hips. The kiss got deeper and deeper.


I started kissing down his neck gently biting and sucking on his sweet spot. I peeled off his shirt and started rubbing over top of Jerry. Justin let out a loud moan and his eyes widened in surprise.

"What are you doing baby?" he asked shakily.

"Do you trust me?" I replied and he nodded.

"Then relax and let me take care of you" I whispered sexily in his ear.

I pulled down his jeans and he was getting impatient so he kicked them off. I kissed his v-line and his happy trail while still rubbing him through his boxers. I kissed the fabric of the boxers making sure Jerry felt the light kisses. I pulled off my dress then finally pulled down his boxers making Jerry slap against his stomach. I gasped at the sight of him and he blushed.

"That is what you do to me" He said.

I kissed his lips on more time before taking him in my hand. I slowly moved my hand up and down Jerry.

"Oh baby" Justin moaned softly.

I began placing kisses all over Jerry making Justin squirm. I took the head into my mouth making eye contact him and the loudest moan I've ever heard come out of Justin's mouth and his eyes widened.

"Yes Kayla...... please don't stop.......shit" He moaned closing his eyes.

I took a little more until I had all of it in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down.

I felt Justin grab a handful of my hair tightly in his fist letting me know he wanted me to go faster. I felt his muscles tense and knew he was close. I sucked a little harder and felt him release in my mouth.

"OHH KAYLAAA FUCK" He screamed. One of his hands were clenching the sheets and the other was tangled in my hair. He pulled me up to his face and kissed me very slowly.

"How did you do that?" he asked.

"I don't know everything comes naturally with you" I answered.

We pulled the covers over our bodies and Justin pulled me to him putting his head on my bare chest. He then wrapped his arms around my hips and hooked his thumb on the inside on my underwear. He placed a light kiss on my nipple before falling asleep.

"Goodnight babygirl" He mumbled and I kissed his forehead.

I ran my fingers through his hair for a while. I can't believe I actually did that!

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