All Bad

*Sequal To Fall*


3. Chapter 2- Valentine's Addition

Justin's P.O.V.

Febuary 14, 2013

Today is Valentines Day! Kay and I decided to not get each other gifts and just stay inside and cuddle and watch movies. I know that seems lame but I don't really want to go out and be followed by paparazzi. But, I do have a suprise for Kayla. When I woke up Kay was still cuddled into me. I pulled her closer to me and played with her hair. She looks so innocent when she's sleeping. When she finally woke I lightly smiled at her and we laid in bed.

"Happy Valentines Day Babygirl" I spoke kissing her forehead.

"Happy Valentines Day Jay" She said kissing my chest.

I pulled her on top of me so she was sitting on my waist. She smiled at me them laid her head down on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. After a while she got up going into the bathroom. I went into our closet to pick out our clothes. For the both us of I picked out black sweatpants and red hoodies. I walked into the bathroom and handed her the clothes. She was combing out her hair. When she changed I grabbed her hand and pulled her downstairs. The living room was set up perfectly thanks to the crew. There was a bunch of pillows and blankets set up all over the floor. Kay let go of my hand and ran over belly flopping on all of it. I laughed and did the same thing. I turned on the tv and went into the kitchen to get some food. I saw that someone had already made pancakes and bacon. I brought them into the living room and sat them on a pillow. When we got done eating I shoved our plates into the corner of the room and went upstairs. I walked into one of the guest rooms and saw the purple dahlia flowers and the bag of Twix. I grabbed them and slowly walked down the steps.

"Hey baby" I called.

"Yes?" She answered.

"Can you come here?" I asked.

I heard her walking around and kneeled right at the corner she was about to walk around making her almost bump into me.

"What do you have?" She asked suspicously.

"A little something for you" I teased.

"You said we weren't getting for eachother" She whined.

"Well I'm the male in this relationship so I always have to get you presents" I explained.

"Sure" she said sarcasticly.

I brought the flowers and twix from behind my back to show her. Her eyes lit up SOOO much that they pretty much changed into hazel.

"Aww thank you Jay" She squealed taking the stuff out of my hands and laying them down then attacking me onto the floor. She placed kisses all over my face.

"Thank *kiss* you *kiss* so *kiss* much *kiss* Jay" She said kissing me after every word.

"It's nothing babygirl" I whispered hugging her.

She got off me and stood up. I put my hands out asking for her help. She grabbed them and tugged on them. I really didn't need her help but I wanted to touch her hands. When I got she looked pretty satisfied with herself. I softly kissed her cheek and she looked away. I went behind Kay and wrapped my arms around her.

"Why are you being shy?" I mumbled into her ear.

"Because you're being all sweet and stuff like that I don't know how to handle it" She whispered to turning around to my chest resting her head letting me hold her.

After awhile she got out of my hold and took the flowers and chocolate. I followed her and she went into the kitchen putting water in a vase for the flowers. Then she ripped open the bag of Twix and grabbed my hand leading me to the movie room that was covered in rose petals and pillows. They had also moved a couch in here. Kayla sat me on the end of the couch next to the armrest and then laid down on the rest of the couch putting her head on my lap. The movie flicked on and it was Grown Ups 2. Kayla was happily eating her candy and laughing while I was running my fingers through her hair. Her laugh is like music to my ears. This is perfect.

Kayla's P.O.V.

Justin lightly picked my head and got up setting it down.

"Where you going?" I asked.

"You'll see in a second, I'll be right back babygirl" He answered quickly kissing my then leaving.

When he came back he had a brown cardboard box that had holes poked in it.

"This is from the crew so I don't know what it is either" Justin stated.

"Okay" I said.

"Let's open it together" Justin suggested.

He placed the box on the floor and picked me up so I sitting between his legs. He put his hand over mine and we opened it. Inside there was a a little puppy. I'm guessing it was a girl because everything in the box was purple. I slowly picked her up. She woke up in my arms. I looked behind me at Justin to see him smiling. He wrapped his arms around me resting his head on my shoulder.

"She's so beautiful" He whispered and I just nodded in return.

"What should we name her?" I asked.

"Jayla. Jayla Bieber" Justin confirmed.

"Hi Jayla, I'm your Mommy" I whispered handing her to Justin.

"And I'm your Daddy" Justin said to her.

That night we laid in bed with Jayla. Jay and I laid on the bed first then Jayla happily settled between us. This is perfect.

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