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8. Awkward Meetings- Story Update #2

So I'm not going to say this is a chapter because it was requested and it wouldn't be in order by the dates. This is going to help explain some of the things that happened or are going to happen. This is going to be inbetween the last chapter of Fall and the first chapter of this story. Enjoy.

Justin's P.O.V.

January 6, 2013

Today Kayla and I have some type of special meeting with a judge. I don't know exactly what about but, I do have an idea. I woke up at 11:30 and saw that Kay was still in bed but she was laying with her eyes closed. I started to kiss all over her face and she started giggling and tried to push my face away. Then I climbed on top of her and started tickling her which her made her go crazy. It was so funny to watch.

"Say I'm sexy" I said.

"NOO" She laughed.

"Say it" I repeated.

"I'm sexy" She replied smirking.

"Not you" I shouted.

"Fine... I give up! You're sexy as hell... now get off me" She admitted.

I laid down next to her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips before pulling her in my arms. We laid in bed taking selfies and a whole bunch of cute photos. I posted one on our instagram.

"@jaylabieberlove: Lovely morning with Sleeping Beauty ~Justin"

I climbed out of bed and then pulled Kayla to the edge. I picked her up bridal style placing a kiss on her forehead. Then I placed her on her feet. She kissed my cheek before going in the bathroom. I followed behind her waiting until I heard the toilet flush and the sink water go on. That's her rule and she told me that she doesn't care if I come in if she's changing or naked but to not come in when she's going to the bathroom because it's weird. When I heard the sink go on I walked in and went to the bathroom then washed my hands. I then put my facial cleanser on my face then brushed my teeth while leaving it on and I saw that Kay was doing the same. We rinsed off our faces then did the breath test to each other. Basically, you blow air in the other person's face and they either nod their saying your mouth is fresh or make a sour face meaning it's good. Then they do it back. She nodded for me then I nodded for her and we kissed. I dragged her downstairs and we got cereal then plopped on the couch. Kay put her feet on the coffee table slouching on the couch. I decided that we should slouch together. I scooted over to her doing the same and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. She took a picture of us and put it on twitter.

"@kaylawinters: He loves to cuddle... we're slouching together isn't he adorable @justinbieber"

We heard the door open and Alfredo walked in. Behind him there was my Mom, Carin, and Kenny. They all greeted us and then the girls took Kayla away. Since we couldn't get a good-bye kiss she just blew a kiss my way and I caught it putting it on my lips. I blew her one and she did the same. When they were finally out the room and up the stairs Kenny started talking.

(K- Kenny A- Alfredo J- Justin)

K: So how's it going with Kay?

J: It's going great, I'm really happy with her

A: Cut the girly talk crap Justin... be a man

J: I am but she just makes happy

A: Alright let's cut to the chase. Have you guys done it yet?

J: What? No... never she's too young... I couldn't

K: You don't have to get offensive JB we were just asking

A: Are you sexually attracted to her?

J: N-.....Uh..... I guess a little bit

K: How far have you guys gotten?

J: Making out and maybe taking off some shirts and occasionally jeans but nothing more.

A: Her neck?

J: Yes

K: Good boy.... that's all we wanted to talk about with you because it's my job to protect her.

I nodded my head watching tv waiting for my Babygirl to come back dowstairs.

Kayla's P.O.V.

(P- Pattie C- Carin K- Kayla)

We all went upstairs and into my room that I don't share with Justin. When we all sat down they stared at me with creepy smiles on there faces.

P: Has Justin been treating you right?

K: Yeah he's the perfect gentlemen


K: He doesn't rush me into doing anything and knows his limits. He's just really sweet and gentle

P: Is he aggresive?

K: Not really but when he is it's goood

The both of them started to squeal and giggling.

C: Have ya'll done the dirty?

K: What?

P: Had sex

K: NOOO..... uh-uh never

C: Then how far have you guys got

K: Making out and a little bit of neck kisses here and there maybe some clothes off but nothing more

P: Are you sexually attracted to him?

K: No.... I don't know

P: I think you are, don't you agree Carin

C: Yeah you are honey. What do you and Justin do when ya'll kiss you aggresively and passionately?

K: Grind our hips together a little

They awwed and started jumping around in their seats.

P/C: YOU'RE SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO HIM *they yelled loudly*

K: Shhh.... this is suppose to be a girl talk..... nobody hears this but us

P: I would love for you guys to have babies

K: Pattie, do you hear yourself, I'm eleven..... you can almost count my age on one hand

C: If you guys ever do get out of hand I would say the furthest to go would be oral

K: STOP this conversation over

I quickly ran out of the room and to Justin plopping on his lap pulling my knees up to my chest so I was like in a ball. He wrapped his arms around my body pulling me closer. I laid my head on his chest and heard his heartbeat gradually get faster.

"Calm down Jay" I said kissing where his heart was.

"I can't help it.... you do it to me" He responded.

Once everybody left Jay and I continued to watch tv. At three o'clock Jay told me that we had a meeting with a judge but he didn't know what it was about. I ran upstairs and put on my black jeans. I had a white tanktop one and put a purple zip up hoodie over top with my black uggs that had a diamond on the side. I spritzed my hair with water and combed it out so it would look presentable. I grabbed my phone and some money before going downstairs.

When I got down there Justin was waiting at the door. He locked up the house then opened the passenger door for me. We drove to the courthouse singing to the songs that were on the radio. When we got there Justin helped me out and intertwined our fingers together kissing my cheek. Outside of the meeting door, two guards were standing there waiting for our arrival. They lightly smiled at us and opened the door.

We walked in the door and the judge was already there. It was Judge Judy.

~~~~~~Third Person's P.O.V.~~~~~~

(Justin=Justin K=Kayla JJ=Judge Judy)

JJ: Hi guys, Good Afternoon

Justin/Kayla: Good Afternoon

JJ: So I know you're wondering why I called ya'll here today; well as you guys are aware Justin is dating a minor so some rules have to be set down.

Justin/Kayla: Okay

JJ: Well first Kayla.... you are allowed to drive but you can't drive after the sunset

Kayla: Really! Yay!

JJ: Yeah but this next one is a little uncomfortable for you guys so I'm going to say it in a way you guys will understand. Are you ready?

Justin/Kayla: Sure

JJ: Okay so "Jerry" cannot stick his tongue inside "Tom" until Kayla is sixteen only if she says she's ready. Justin do you understand that?

Justin: *blushing* Yes ma'am

JJ: So what I'm saying is that Justin you can't be inside of Kayla but you guys can grind on each other naked. Any other kinds of playing is acceptable only if Kayla is ready. Understood?

Justin/Kayla: Yup

JJ: Okay well that's all

~~~~~~~~ Justin's P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~

After the meeting while I was driving Kayla ordered pizza. They said it would be done in fifteen minutes so I decided that we should stop at starbucks.

When we got inside it wasn't crowded. A few people came up to us asking for pictures. Kayla still looked shocked even though she's been asked for pictures since she getting this same question since she was 7. After that was done we went to the counter. I pulled ger infront if me wrapping me arms around her waist putting my chin on her shoulder gently swaying us back and forth.

"What do you want baby?" I whispered in her ear.

"A double chocolately chip frappe" She answered.

"Hi, we'll have a small double chocolately chip frappe and a small vanilla bean frappe" I ordered.

Once we got that and the pizza Kayla decided she wanted to drive us home since it was before sunset. I would say she's a good driver. We put our drinks and pizza box on the coffee table and went upstairs to change into something more comfortable. I took off everything beside my boxers and ruffled my hair. When I turned around I saw that Kay was wearing my sweatshirt. I pulled her into my arms and gave her a gentle kiss. She stared at me with her gentle eyes then pulled me back downstairs. She jumped over the back of the couch ploppling down.When I sat down next to her she pulled out her phone and takes a picture of us. I make my "sex eyes" and she bites her bottom lip. Then she took a picture of the pizza box and our starbucks.

"@jaylabieberlove: Eating with the bae tonight #hesperfect ~Kayla"

After eating I laid behind her hrabbing the remote and pulled her down so we could cuddle. I put on a movie and Kayla shifted so she was facing my chest and fell asleep. I pulled her closer to my body and put the blanket over us. I watched until I fell asleep too.


This is what I'm explaining:

2. Kayla and Justin had a meeting with a judge and the judge said that they can play around with each other but "Jerry" can't meet "Tom" until Kayla is sixteen so they would have known each other for 10 years but it's Kayla choice if she wants too.

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