Lost Souls

"All these lost souls, without friends, so I'm here to help."
Angie is an imaginary friend for those without any actual existing friends. She thinks she's helping, giving them someone to speak to and someone to help them, but everyone else calls her a nuisance.
When a virus spreads, threatening all imaginary people, could Angie end up facing reality and learning just how hard living in the real world can be.


3. Transportation

It feels funny being transported. You feel like your skin is being sucked off by a huge hoover and then your bones get sucked up and then finally your organs and muscles. You can't see anything, it is pitch black and you can hear this crazy rushing sound like two rapid trains hurtling fast towards each other and trying to slam on the breaks while golden and umbre sparks flying. Then people start screaming, loud piercing screams that strike your ears.  You want to cover your ears with your hands but they are pinned down by your side and the screams get louder and louder. The trains hurtle faster, the screeches increase in sound, the screams grow louder. Louder! Louder! Louder! LOUDER! Your ears start to fill up with noise and they hurt so badly that you want to rub them better but you can't and they fill up with more and more and more noise until BANG! Then you feel very light. So light in fact that you feel as though you can fly away, soar high into the sky and never come back. You try and rise into the air but it feels like your legs are clamped to some rusty chains and you go plummeting down. Your stomach drops right to your feet and your heart is racing so fast that you feel like it might explode. You can move your arms and you stretch them out but your hands try to grab onto something, anything, but all there is to grab is just dark, dull blackness. 

Sarah has transported me to the street on her journey to school. I survey all the school kids in their grey uniforms, laughing and yelling as they run and jump on the way to what they consider 'prison'. 

"Hey Sarah," I grin, skipping along side of her. My hair brushes a spiky bush and I pull myself a little to the left. 

"Hey Angie," smiles Sarah and it is nice to see a beautiful smile on her face especially since it is a Monday. 

"Bored?" I ask as we pass a rowdy crowd of inane boys. They snigger at her who seems to be talking to herself. The waddling, ginger haired girl with the weird mental illness and heart problems. If only they knew. 

"Yeah. It's kind of lonely walking by myself."

"Loner!" calls an idiot from the other side of the street and I hear Sarah sniffing. I shoot a glare at the boy but then I realise they can't see me. 

"Idiots. What lessons have you got today?" I'm trying to make small talk. Sarah is so hard to have a conversation with. 

"English, German, French, Maths and PE." I sigh. All of her worst lessons. She doesn't like me around in English, she has a teaching assistant and would think she is crazy talking to thin air. 

"Hey, freak, say hi to your friends. Wait, you don't have any!" Sarah bursts into tears and takes off down the street, hands covering her eyes so they don't see her crying, face down. I sigh and wait to be transported again. When Sarah runs and cries, all she can think about is the mean things people are saying and I just melt away.

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