StarStruck Remix

When Karter moves to San Antonio, Texas she isn't so excited to be living in the same town as Austin Mahone. She has never liked him, but will her feelings change when she meets him?


1. Chapter one: Karter


     The sun hurt my eyes, it was the first stay of school and i was already sick of it. A new state, a new school, a new town, new people. “A new life” my mom had added after she told me we were moving, I didn’t need a new life. I was the quiet type who only had a few good friends, but I was an athlete. I spent a lot of my time at practice or in a gym. My life was how I wanted it, I didn’t need to move and start over. But the choice wasn’t mine, my moms job was transferring. We packed up and left the first week of august.  Now I was standing on the street corner of San Antonio, the bus pulled into view and stopped a few feet in front of me. I climbed up the steps, and it was like the whole bus looked at me, they stared at me for a few seconds and then they all went back to their conversations and I sat in the first empty seat. I put my headphones in and leaned against the window, I zoned out, but as the bus pulled into the school, I started to focus more on the music, it was “say your just a friend” by Austin Mahone. I quickly changed the song, I couldn’t stand him, for the past 2 years all i had heard was how amazing Austin was. It started to sicken me and now I was living in the same town as him. We pulled into the parking lot and I walked through the grass toward the school. I had worn ripped skinny jeans with a peach tank top and a grey cardigan and my favorite grey hightop converse. I had long blonde hair, that I always wore straight but it was naturally waved. I was nervous as I walked into the doors, it was a herd of kids, I was walking to my first class when I was him. He was surround by his friends, wearing skinny jeans and a grey v-neck. He looked straight at me, I met his eyes then quickly looked away. I turned into my class. Great, he goes to the same school as me. I just hoped we didn’t have any classes together.

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