When Life Takes Off

*Sequel to Stronger Than You Think*
When all the couples are engaged and one couple with a baby on the way, will the 1D family manage with all the stress of celebrity and family life. Will they handle it well or will their lives tumble all around them? Find out in When Life Takes Off
Contains sex references and swearing


6. #6 Dresses & Congratulations

Holly's POV

"So, when do we tell people?" I said

"You can tell the girls today when you go shopping and I can tell the boys at the photoshoot, or before it, that way I won't have to force my smile" He laughed

"Oh yeah, the girls will know I'm hiding something! Bring the boys back here tonight and we can order a take away, I'll bring the girls" I shouted from the hallway, pulling on my shoes, "See you tonight Haz"

"Laters" He yelled

I left the house with a smile on my face, got in the car and drove to the dress shop that Perrie and El and decided to go to. I arrived there to see Aislin, El, Perrie and Dani in the shop, holding a glass of champagne and waving at me through the windows. I walked into the shop after parking the car and was immediately piled with hugs, then I noticed that Aislin didn't have George with her. 

"Where's George?" I asked looking around for his pram.

"At my mums, she said she's look after him today until tomorrow morning" She said smiling.

"Aw, I wanted cuddles!" I said pouting. At that moment the shop assistant with a name tag named Kathy. 

"How can I help you lovely ladies then?" She smiled at us as Perrie jumped up alongside El.

"Us two, both getting married in April" Perrie announced smiling.

"Aw, well who's getting married first?" Kathy asked.

"Me again!" Laughed Perrie and Kathy took her into the back room. We waited and waited for what felt like forever until the curtain opened and out stepped Perrie in a dress that looked like a Cinderella dress. It look beautiful, but it wasn't the one, we could tell by the look on her face. She took it off and after opening and closing the curtain a million times we all finally gasped as she stepped out of the curtain. It was tight fitted around the top and around the bottom the skirt was in a fishtail shape. It fitted her perfectly and complimented her blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. 

"I love it" Perrie said, "This is the one" We were all speechless until Aislin stuttered out in agreement.

"It's amazing Perrie!"

"Right, well, I'll pay for this one then!" Perrie said and Kathy the shop assistant nodded closing the curtain again. Eleanor took her bag off as Perrie stepped out for the final time back in her leggings and top. 

"Do you want a glass?" Dani offered holding out the champagne bottle but I shook my head. 

"No, I can't drink for the next 9 months really" I said smiling. I looked around at all of the girls who had their eyebrows raised in confusion until Dani clapped her hands. She looked at my flat stomach then back at me and I nodded. The girls erupted into screams around me and hugged me.

"Wow, when did you find out?!" Dani asked

"This morning, Harry's telling the boys this morning at the photoshoot" I said smiling.

"Well congratulations!" El squealed.

"OK, now back to you, go find that dress girl!" I said in a gangsta voice which utterly failed causing the girls to laugh. 

"Never doing that again!" I laughed out loud. El went behind the curtain, then we heard some squealing.

"El,  what are you doing back there?" Perrie shouted out

"I found the one! I found the dress!" She yelled back

"Already?" Aislin questioned.

"When you know, you know!" Perrie said giggling. 

El walked out from behind the curtain and we all squealed simultaneously. It was elegant and fitted around the top then flowed out around the bottom. 

"Wow!" Dani said.

"You can say that again" El replied

"OK then, wow!" Dani laughed! Then El payed for it, got changed back into her clothes and we all walked out of the shop.

"I'm so excited now!" Perrie and El squealed.

"We're all excited for you!" Aislin giggled.

"So are you all gonna come round for pizza?!" I shouted

"Hell yeah!" Dani said in a ghetto voice.

"Never again Dani, never again!" I laughed as I got into my car and drove home. 

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