When Life Takes Off

*Sequel to Stronger Than You Think*
When all the couples are engaged and one couple with a baby on the way, will the 1D family manage with all the stress of celebrity and family life. Will they handle it well or will their lives tumble all around them? Find out in When Life Takes Off
Contains sex references and swearing


5. #5 Not Just The Cramps

*3 weeks later*

Harry's POV

I woke up early to go to work so my alarm was beeping on the bed side table next to me. I picked it up pressed snooze then let my head fall back on the pillow and my eyelids then closed once again. It only felt like five seconds later when my alarm was beeping once again. I sat up in bed after turning it off for the final time and looked over at Holly who was curled up in a ball beside me holding her stomach. Maybe she got the cramps last night. 

I got up and walked down the stairs into the kitchen where I poured myself a bowl of cornflakes. Holly walked into the kitchen wearing my rolling stones t-shirt as I was pouring the milk into the bowl and walked over to the toaster pushing the button down after the bread was put in there. When it popped out she caught it in the air.

"Like a ninja!" She said

"Every time!" I said beaming, she buttered the bread then sat opposite me still clutching her stomach.

"Cramps eh?" I said and she nodded. 

"So Styles, what's on the agenda for you today?" I ask biting into my toast.

"Well kitten, I have a photo shoot this morning and a meeting with management then that's it, you?" He replied

"The girls all planned to go wedding dress shopping with Perrie today as it's just a bit over 2 months before hers and Zayns' wedding, then we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and shop for El as hers and Louis' wedding is like a month afterwards." I say, finishing my toast when a horrible feeling vibrated through me and I put my hand up to my mouth. 

"Holly, what-" Harry started but before he had finished, I ran back upstairs to the bathroom and threw up all the contents of my stomach which held last nights dinner and my toast. Harry had appeared at my side, rubbing circles on my back. When I had finished, I flushed the toilet, washed my hands then cleaned my teeth then turned to face Harry.

"Are you ill baby?" He asked concerned

"No, I feel fine, I just guess-"

"Are you late on your ya know.." He cut me off. I started counting on my fingers then after thinking about it I was a bit late, maybe by about 8 ish days. 

"Yeah, now I think about it I must be about 8 days late, you don't think.." I trailed off thinking about it. Harry and I had been having unprotected sex since talking about starting a family maybe I was...

I walked to the cupboard under the sink and pulled out a box, then shook out it's contents. Harry then picked up the stick and gave it to me before walking out of the bathroom. I then did my business then put the stick next to the sink. 

"Now all we have to do is wait" I said sitting next to Harry back in our bedroom on our bed. He held my hand.

"Whatever happens I will always love you OK? If it's negative then we can keep on trying, we've only been trying for what, three weeks. And if it's positive, then hopefully, we'll have a little one running around the place in no time!" He said holding me.

"I love you too Haz" I said. About 2 minutes later, Harry took my hand and walked back into the bathroom across the hall then looked at the test to see a pink '+' sign. I squealed and Harry picked me up a spun me around. 

"I'm gonna be a mum!" I screamed, "And you're gonna be an amazing father Harry I love you so freaking much!"

"I love you too baby girl!" He said back. 

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